11 Revealing Contact Center Statistics in 2022

Leaders across all departments—including the contact center—are now dealing with hiring challenges AND problems with legacy technology just a few years removed from the 2020 pandemic. More contact center agents are working remotely than ever before, managers are struggling to boost agent...

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Call Center Decision Trees 101: How Your Support Team Can Benefit

How can developing a call center decision tree help your team? Do you know how much time your support team wastes each year finding answers to complex customer questions? Inefficiency costs companies more than you might realize: 516 million hours each year from inefficient software alone according...

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2021 Outlook: AI, Knowledge Automation and the Evolving Role of Remote Agents

This article was originally published in Contact Center Pipeline, the magazine for contact center professionals.  Already experiencing pandemic change, contact centers can expect even more in 2021, at a more rapid pace. Call and ticket volumes continue to rise, and the remote workforce will...

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Contact Center Statistics You Need to Succeed in 2021

Customer service orgs are under pressure. High volumes, distributed teams, yet same expectations for efficiency. As a natural response, digital transformations are accelerating across the industry, with workplace automation suddenly becoming the new buzzword for contact centers. But are these...

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Top Eleven Customer Experience Influencers You Need to Follow

2020 is certainly one of the most fast-paced and challenging times for businesses and contact centers. In fact, things are changing so fast that failing to keep up or simply following a pre-established plan can actually lead to falling behind the pack. In just a few short months, the ‘new normal’...

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Agent Assist is Actually the Easiest Support AI Initiative Out There

The term “AI initiative” is often met with curiosity, and hostility. Companies and contact centers that have tested the waters know that an AI initiative is like an iceberg – with benefits peaking above the waterline, while a mountain of painstaking work hides underneath the surface. Time,...

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Too Many Support Tickets? Why Better Knowledge is Key

As your support tickets keep coming in, wouldn’t it be nice to use knowledge to deflect a few requests? It took us 20 minutes to find this post on Reddit and yet companies take years to realize that providing content does not mean providing answers. Conventional wisdom suggests the more knowledge...

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Key Takeaways from Customer Complaints on Twitter

Customers hate waiting on hold, end of story. Waiting on hold for too long is the #1 complaint of all customers since the beginning of call centers’ existence. However, when a customer calls in with an issue that requires a little more expert knowledge, they are often put on hold for an...

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5 Ways to Leverage AI and Agent Assist to Improve Customer Experience

This blog post was originally published on Genesys blog.  The percentage of “difficult” enquiries has more than doubled since COVID19 started to hit the global economy. Forcing companies to be remote places incredible pressure on your communications and support processes. It’s obvious that...

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1 Solution to Prevent 19 Causes of Poor Customer Service

Here are some common issues related to poor customer service. Shift starts at 9:00? Better be at my desk at 8:30 to login and reopen all of the tabs I need. Coworker needs help with a difficult issue? Thank goodness my customer seems calm and can hold for a few minutes while I research a...

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How to Use AI to Improve Your Customer Experience (5 Examples)

This post was updated on May 27, 2022 to reflect industry best practices. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the pandemic was one of those events that divided a lifetime into pre-COVID and post-COVID periods. As a result, companies were forced to innovate, forced to learn how to support employees...

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How AI Empowers Your Chatbots

Chatbots are quickly becoming an essential part of delivering customer service. According to a study by IT experts Spiceworks, up to 40% of businesses with 500 or more employees will have active chatbot or AI assistants by the end of 2019. These businesses have discovered the incredible benefits...

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