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Introducing Answer Automation

Learn how answer automation makes finding anything you or your customers need no more than a two-step process.


The ROI of Answer Automation

We won’t presume to know what ROI is best for your business, but we’ve seen enough to know that what’s shared in this guide can be huge.

Buyer’s Guide For Smarter Knowledge Management

Shop for a KM solution like a pro with our comprehensive guide that helps you navigate the market and embrace smarter, easier KM.

Handling Holiday Spikes with AI Powered Agent Assist

Learn practical ways in which companies have solved holiday spikes with AI-based agent assist technologies.



Managing your Call Centre during Staff Shortages

Learn how Shelf knowledge management and answer automation can help with staff shortages and agent retention.

Shelf Overview Video

See how Shelf’s Knowledge Automation platform helps employees, prospects, and customers know more, and do more.

Key Features of the Shelf KM Platform

Shelf is the most advanced knowledge management platform on the market. Read more about key features of the Shelf knowledge management platform.

A Practical KM Best Practices Guide

Explore the key elements and processes of practical knowledge management from a Harvard data scientist.

Empowering School Social Workers to provide evidence-based services

Learn how SSWAA built a platform for school social workers to easily access and manage all their curated content.

Special Report: Agent Assist for a Changing Contact Center

Get an actionable, strategic, and research-driven look into Agent Assist.

Driving Contact Center Efficiency with Knowledge Management

Learn the critical components of a knowledge management solution that will drive adoption and tangible ROI for contact centers.

The Case for Shelf: A Better Approach to Contact Center Knowledge

In this eBook, we’ll share 3 reasons why Shelf is pacing ahead of legacy knowledge systems as evident in the G2 Winter 2022 report.