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Become a part of our international team and employ your skills to shape a next-generation workplace.

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Our Core Values

We offer remote-friendly and flexible opportunities around the world, and we’re proud of the outstanding team of open-minded professionals we’ve cultivated. We’re an international org keen on innovation, equality and people empowerment.


Personal Expression

We like the fact that we’re a little bit different and we don’t hesitate to share this with others.



We’re building an environment where people from anywhere can join forces to do what they love.


Global Perspective

We’re pushing ourselves to solve ubiquitous, global challenges facing all workers.



We utilize a creative-first approach to project management and problem-solving.



We strive toward ongoing personal and professional growth.



We cultivate an ability to adapt and respond quickly to a changing landscape.



We want everyone to always feel comfortable through every success and challenge.



We don’t focus on problems—we constantly look for ways to continuously improve.

“There’s amazing energy here because everyone believes in the product we’re helping to build, and we see firsthand how well it works.”

Vlad Holubiev
Tech Lead, Shelf


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Come Work With Us

Shelf is looking for talented, creative individuals for our growing team. Apply now!

Our mission at Shelf is to enable all employees to instantly know more. Shelf is a highly awarded, innovative knowledge automation platform that revolutionizes how organizations curate and distribute company knowledge! With our powerful MerlinAI, Shelf helps organizations move from their difficult to use, legacy knowledge base to knowledge automation delivering answers on demand to employees with questions, to front-line staff interacting with prospects or customers, and to self-service interactions via your website. With many pre-built integrations, SDKs and APIs, Shelf’s open knowledge infrastructure is extensible and integrates seamlessly with enterprise applications to improve the customer experience and employee productivity.

We are experiencing rapid growth and quickly need to expand the engineering team globally to keep up with market demand. This is an incredible opportunity to join a rapidly expanding organization growing revenue at over 400% per year. We have successfully acquired dozens of large enterprises including Fortune 100 customers and always deliver a great customer experience.

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in-depth guide

Shelf Platform Overview

Explore the key features and benefits of Shelf's AI-powered knowledge management platform.
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