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Shelf serves knowledge workers of all shapes and sizes throughout the globe…that’s billions of dollars in potential revenue!

Our people

The Shelf team is the modern day distributed workforce. Consider that our company:

  • Has offices in 2 continents – the United States and Europe.
  • Our team is made up of people from over 10 countries.
  • Values travel as a way to grow personally and professionally.
  • Is committed to solving the big, hairy problem of how the next generation of teams can share content and transfer knowledge more effectively.

Our values

Shelf is not your typical tech start-up. In fact, Shelf is not your typical company, period. The seeds of our company’s DNA have been culled from the four corners of the earth. Our founding team has traveled to nearly one hundred countries and these experiences have shaped our worldview and perspective. So what do we value most at Shelf?

Personal expression

We like the fact that we’re a little bit different and we don’t hesitate to share this with others./p>


We seek out diversity and want to build an environment where people from any part of the world can join forces to learn and help one another grow.

Global perspective

We endeavor to push ourselves to solve ubiquitous, meta-level global challenges.


We take non-traditional approaches to idea creation and problem solving.


We have a relentless drive for ongoing personal and professional growth.


We cultivate the ability to adapt and respond quickly to a changing landscape.


We want everyone to feel equally comfortable failing and succeeding because we cultivate a continuous learning environment.

Solution oriented

We don’t focus on problems, we constantly look for solutions.

Opportunities at Shelf

Shelf is always on the lookout for hard-working, talented, creative individuals for our growing team. Explore the following job opportunities and apply for the one that fits you.

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