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Curate Any Type of Content

We believe that all your information is important, regardless of what type it is. Shelf makes it easy to curate collections of any type of content, this includes: digital books, training materials, ideas & notes, conference materials, presentations & reports, research papers, expert knowledge, podcasts, lists of organizations, lists of projects, directories of people and more!

Through our web clipper you can easily capture web content like; webpages, Youtube videos, Facebook posts, podcasts, news articles, infographics, and Linkedin profiles. And with our document and cloud account uploader you can import: Word docs, PDF’s, excel sheets, presentations, photos, videos, Google Docs and Sheets, Microsoft 365 docs and more.

Find Things Quickly and Make New Discoveries

Browse your collection of resources by time, place, group, folder, tag or person. Search inside of Word documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDF’s, and across other platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Think of Shelf as a curated library for your group content. We have a bunch of filters and sorting
features that allow you to quickly search and browse through 1000’s of pieces of content quickly and easily.

Organize Everything in One Place

We make it simple to manage content on your Shelf. Create groups and build folder structures. Add tags or Badges to special content. There is an organization library for everyone, a private library for only you and group libraries so you can curate content with specific people. 

Shelf also has social features such as: user profiles, comments, and notifications so that your members can interact on the content they share.

Control Access and Permissions

When opening a new Shelf account you create a new subdomain and control who has access to the information you curate. Shelf is not a tool for SEO or public viewing, it is a private Shelf that you control and only people you invite to your organization can see your content.

Sync Content from other Platforms

Shelf is an easy to use knowledge sharing platform, not a document collaboration tool or another cloud storage system. That’s why we enable you to sync with the accounts you already have like Dropbox, Drive, and OneDrive. We want to make it as easy as possible for to curate and organize your most valuable content in Shelf.

Our philosophy is that good knowledge management is about connecting the things you know, not creating another content silo, so we’re committed to integrating with everything and anything our customers use.

Find out how Shelf helps

Shelf for Groups

Your group, no matter how big or small, can have an overwhelming amount of content that ends up scattered across multiple platforms. Shelf makes it easy for all of your members to stay up to date with the most relevant information, in one centralized place. Make it easy for all members to find.

  • Share learning easily: no more valuable information getting lost and buried. With Shelf you’ll be able to get the things that matter in front of the people that matter.

  • Keep your group members on the same page: one quick, easy to use, powerful library of your group’s resources and members.

  • Create group knowledge base: build and organize your group library just the way you want, allowing members to find, discover, and share the information they need.

  • Moderation: manage your library structure and your members with ease, onboard new members in minutes.

Shelf for Teams

Shelf gives your team one place to store and access files, notes, ideas, conversations, multimedia, and more. And it’s not just content, Shelf connects people- allowing your team to build a powerful, shared library of collective knowledge. Harness your library to bring new members onboard quickly and easily with one centralized collection of everything that important to your team.

  • Facilitate teamwork by getting everyone on the same page: discuss your content with comments, create groups to bring people together, get notified about your team members’ actions and insights.

  • Fast and easy capture of web content: using the Shelf web browser extension, send insights straight to your team knowledge base in seconds... say goodbye to lost bookmarks and finicky copy-paste actions!

  • Share and manage files: organize your content whichever way works for you. Let Shelf’s powerful search and browse do the hard work... so you find what you need, when you need it.

  • Connect your team wherever they are: easily manage groups and members to ensure relevant and secure access to knowledge, via desktop or mobile.

Shelf for Individuals

Easily capture the information that matters to you. Save web articles, images, videos, bookmarks, notes, and more with three simple clicks using the Shelf browser extension. Shelf enables you to search across all your content. Search through web content, documents, presentations, videos, images, people, and more. You can also search inside of PDF’s, word documents and spreadsheets.

  • All you knowledge in one place: no more fumbling through multiple accounts, platforms and devices, store all your important content in one place.

  • Search and browse for what you need in just a few clicks.

  • Setup your free trial today, it only takes a few minutes!

Shelf for NGOs/Associations

Your members may be distributed around the world, but that doesn’t mean their knowledge needs to be. Shelf allows your members to connect and share their expertise and insights from one powerful knowledge base.

  • Shelf helps you organize people, projects, and information: enable your members to find, discover, connect and share ideas in real-time.

  • Communicate and collaborate: Shelf helps your members with questions reach members with answers. One place to nurture meaningful knowledge sharing and collaboration.

  • Easily manage your library and members from one place: save time and money with powerful customization and easy management of existing and new members.

Our Happy Users

  • "We looked at a lot of places to host our Content Library for employees and Partners, and hands-down, Shelf was the best. Affordable, simple, straightforward, not trying to re-create a social network. Shelf does what it does, and does it great."

    Pol Stafford

    Partners in School Innovation

  • "We can use Shelf for researching in our office, sharing information in the classes and workshops we run or using it as a resource hub for our stakeholders."

    Cameron Chisholm

    President, International Peace & Security Institute

  • "Whatever it is - from company fact sheets to audio and video recordings of our online Collabonars - I know that I can quickly access whatever information I'm looking for in a matter of seconds."

    Pam Ostrowski

    1NService Leader and Key Collaborator; CEO of Service Organization Strategies, Inc.

  • "Shelf is a convenient and accessible platform for gathering and storing information. As I search for resources online, the Shelf plugin allow me to quickly save to a specific file."

    Carolyn Feenaghty

    Special Education Teacher, NYC Department of Education

  • "Shelf reduces time and frustration and makes our information more accessible for the user."

    Todd Daniel, CAE

    Executive Director, National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association

  • "[Shelf] is proving invaluable for research for my upcoming book and for a secret project I’m working on with an expert marketer. Thanks for such a great product!"

    Mark Meloon

    Senior Data Scientist at Impetus