“We have made Shelf our entire practice’s document repository… amazing customer service gives us confidence that we will be supported using Shelf if/when anything comes up. If you’re looking for an easy to use, effective content repository, this is by far the way to go!”

Dave Visser
Consultant at Slalom Consulting

“Our primary complaint with Microsoft Sharepoint was users’ inability to actually find information across our departments… Shelf solves this problem for us by providing a central location and the ability for us to employ a standardized architecture…”

Tyler McClelland
Communications Officer at Trickle Up

“I like the idea that Shelf helps me make the Internet smaller. In the very near future, it’s going to be the first place I go to look for research instead of Google.”

Murph Krajewski
VP of Marketing at Sharpen

“We created our own Knowledge Base internally and found that after we created the “how to” article, it was rarely revisited. With Shelf’s powerful searching, we are able to quickly access the “how to” articles as we originally intended. Also, the web clipper is a ridiculously awesome tool.”

Jarrett Webber
Network Administrator at Suncoast Business Technologies


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