5 Obstacles to Avoid in RAG Deployment: A Strategic Guide

Learn how to prevent RAG failure points and maximize the ROI from your AI implementations.
5 Obstacles to Avoid in RAG Deployment: A Strategic Guide: image 1
The strength of your content strategy will make or break your RAG implementation.

Read this white paper to understand the imperative of content quality for GenAI initiatives:

  • Find out preemptive strategies you can take to boost the success of your RAG implementations.
  • Understand the critical role of content management in enhancing GenAI performance, including how quality and structure of content directly impact RAG outputs.
  • Review the common pitfalls of GenAI deployments, such as erroneous data retrieval and output inconsistencies, and how to navigate these challenges to improve operational efficiency.
  • Get best practices for content and data quality management, including proactive improvement and data hygiene, to ensure continuous relevance and accuracy in your RAG systems.

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Instead of agents getting stuck, they now get the exact phrase and context of answers that were previously buried deep inside of large documents.
Director of User Experience, Cambium Assessment

Our customer satisfaction scores have improved for both voice and written inquiries, because our associates now have the resources they need right in front of them.
Andreia Hale, Training Supervisor, DSW

Our customers are getting the correct answer on the first call. This is clearly correlated to the documentation being — and staying — in better quality.
Petri Koivunen, Head of Operations Development, Lowell Nordics

5 Obstacles to Avoid in RAG Deployment: A Strategic Guide: image 2