Search Copilot

Search Copilot Delivers Accurate Answers Instantly

Search Copilot elevates agent performance with AI conversational search. Use GenAI to instantly retrieve, generate and improve accurate answers from your content.

“The search function, with its ability to pinpoint answers inside of large financial docs is invaluable.
And the ability to integrate Shelf with our CRM and automatically suggest answers is a game-changer.”

Matthew Dvorak — Director of Workforce Management, Tempoe

Search Copilot uses conversational search to analyze your organization’s knowledge and deliver accurate answers instantly. With seamless integration and a user-friendly interface, it keeps you in control of your knowledge while ensuring trust and transparency in the search process.

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Discover the Power of Conversational Search with Search Copilot

Experience the ease of conversational search. Your Copilot extracts vital information from your knowledge sources and instantly delivers concise, relevant answers.

Improve Search Reliability

Your Copilot references only your original content sources to ensure trust and transparency in the search process. Provide feedback to enhance reliability and increase answer specificity.

Achieve AI-Driven Conversational Accuracy

Control the outcomes of your AI conversations with guided prompts. Choose when to use AI-driven features to further refine search queries.

Hassle-Free Implementation

Your Copilot integrates with your existing knowledge system for a hassle-free and seamless implementation that works with your digital strategy.

Product Features

Instant Answers

Offer timely responses to queries and search results—making the problem-solving process efficient.

Content Summarization

Distill information to highlight only key details—increasing convenience and speed of obtaining information.

Interactive Q&A

Develop tailored questions and answers from content—saving time and enhancing understanding without the need to read the entire content.

Automatic Answer Retrieval

Ditch outdated search methods with automatic, accurate response retrieval.

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