Top Eleven Customer Experience Influencers You Need to Follow

by Shelf

2020 is certainly one of the most fast-paced and challenging times for businesses and contact centers. In fact, things are changing so fast that failing to keep up or simply following a pre-established plan can actually lead to falling behind the pack. In just a few short months, the ‘new normal’ has become our usual normal and pushed companies to improving digital initiatives that have been put off for years. The new normal has turned our world upside down, and it hasn’t exactly been a cushy gig. However, in this time of doubt and uncertainty, customer experience influencers have been doing great work keeping their communities updated. 

Since these folks have been so helpful sharing advice and best practices, we compiled a list of the top ten customer experience influencers we think you should follow. We think you’ll appreciate the latest insights and valuable advice they regularly share with their followers.

Some of them we’ve been following for years and others we’ve only discovered recently. Make sure to follow them on Twitter! 

Shep Hyken is a motivational customer experience influencer and keynote speaker, expert and author. He specializes in customer service, loyalty, engagement and customer experience and helps companies deliver outstanding customer service experiences.

Jonty Pearce is a founder of Call Centre Helper, the UK’s most popular contact centre magazine. Jonty is also an editor of Presentation Magazine and director of Clearly Presented Ltd. Jonty is a legend of the worldwide call centre community and as a customer experience influencer he has created one of the key sources of industry information in the world.

Rowan Trollope is a business executive, public speaker and technology entrepreneur as well as the CEO of Five9. With 25+ years in the technology field Rowan is one of the best sources to lead you through the changes in the industry and share insightful forecasts.

Brian Cantor the principal analyst and CCW Digital director for the IQPC Customer Management Practice as well as the founding owner, president and chief editor at Headline Planet. Brian provides the customer contact community with the latest research, analysis, and network that help optimize customer contact operations.

Martin Hill-Wilson is an emotive customer experience influencer, CX mentor, customer service & AI engagement strategist and Zoom ringmaster. Martin has a long-standing track record in customer engagement strategy and implementation. He’s a great source if you’re looking to learn about the future of customer service, the impact of AI in contact centers and the growth in emotive cx for customer interaction. 

Adrian Swinscoe is a regular keynote speaker at events around the world on customer service and customer experience. He knows what it takes to really deliver a stand out experience in today’s ultra-competitive world and helps companies enhance strategy, marketing, customer experience and customer service skills.

Jeremy Watkin is a real customer experience influencer expert and has worked everywhere in customer service from the front lines to leadership positions. In fact, he has over 15 years of customer service experience. Make sure to check out #CXQOTD on Twitter to see some of the latest CX discussions that Jeremy leads.

Justin Robbins is a communications evangelist, content strategist and a keynote speaker. Among other things he has a deep passion for the customer experience and never fails to amaze his followers with the latest news, surveys and articles with the best industry insights.

Sheila McGee-Smith is a contact center and enterprise communications industry analyst and customer experience influencer. Sheila has combined her experience, knowledge and passion to help companies deliver high-quality CX. Her technical insights can help you develop strategies to meet the escalating demands of today’s consumer and business customers. 

Roy Atkinson is a writer, speaker, webcaster, podcaster and an industry analyst by trade. As one of the top influencers in the service and support industry Roy has gained an international reputation. Years of experience help Roy guide his followers and to better service and service  management.

Jon Arnold is an independent tech analyst/thought leader. He focuses on communications, collaboration and customer care. Make sure to check out his profile to explore the impact of digital transformation in the workplace.

Share your favorite customer experience influencers with us if you think that we’ve missed someone!

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This article was updated: 08/19/20

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