Self Service

Self Service Portals Help Your Customers Help Themselves

Use AI to improve chatbot accuracy, suggest answers, and optimize search — all within a fully personalized self-service portal for customer interaction anytime, anywhere.

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“Shelf’s solution was transformational for our customer support.”

Eric Hepburn — Chief Operating Officer (COO), Viking Assistance Group

Optimized with AI, Self Service portals deflect routine inquiries while ensuring customers receive fast and accurate responses. Through smart recommendations and a fully personalized self-service portal, customer interactions are effortless and engaging.

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Self Service Portals Boost Your Service without Inflating Costs

Resolve common inquiries and ensure your agents can focus on more complex tasks with Self Service portals— effectively scaling your customer service while keeping costs in check.

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Deliver on Demand with Automated Assistance

Power an efficient self-service model with Shelf’s semantic AI technology to boost chatbot capabilities and provide instant answers.

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Empower Users Through Personalized Optimization

Show your customers you care about their comfort. Cultivate positive interactions with personalized multilingual portals and search-engine-optimized content.

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Product Features

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Self-Service Help Center

Provide a self-service portal for customers to access knowledge and find answers to their questions.

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Display popular articles and tags on your Shelf interface to highlight trending and relevant content.

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AI-Based Article Recommendations

Leverage AI algorithms to recommend relevant articles to users based on customer search and browsing patterns.

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Standard Themes

Choose from a selection of standard themes to personalize the user experience.

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