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The percentage of “difficult” enquiries has more than doubled since COVID19 started to hit the global economy. Forcing companies to be remote places incredible pressure on your communications and support processes. It’s obvious that an employee just can’t get up from their desk and ask their neighbor for an answer or flag down a supervisor.

And if the answer isn’t known and can’t be found, as a customer, it’s super frustrating to be placed on hold for what feels like forever. Not having the right answer has become more expensive than ever.

So let’s talk about solutions. Here are 5 new technologies  you can immediately use to improve the efficiency and quality of your workforce.

1. Introduce Automated Deflection to Your Self-Service

81% of customers try to resolve an issue themselves before reaching out to customer support. However, most of the self-service portals have a limited search and an overload of content, which naturally leads to clients giving up and filling out a Contact us form. And while most customers expect businesses to respond to their emails with hours, keeping up that level of service is very challenging.

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However, with the latest developments in AI and automation technology you can seamlessly deflect inbound emails simply by having a powerful recommendation engine connected to your Contact us form. By surfacing the right information to your clients you can successfully deflect up to 20% of your inbound interactions while providing a much better customer experience.

2. Integrate FAQ’s into Chatbots with Knowledge Automation

Although people prefer chatbots to any other digital methods of communication, only around 16% have a positive experience with them. That’s because just like real agents, virtual assistants need a reliable knowledge backbone to support them. As our search habits become more complex standard chatbots are failing to keep up with them. 

However, new breakthroughs in knowledge automation enables your chatbot to be connected to much more robust FAQ’s and even full documents. Your chatbot can learn to suggest answers to more complex questions by simply using your existing content and connecting it to a knowledge automation technology. This offers another opportunity to eliminate the need for customers to connect with an agent.

3. Introduce a COVID-19 bot

The new Rapid Response Virtual Agent by Genesys and Google is the latest tool that can reduce the huge pressure on your contact center caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. The introduction of contact center AI will enable 24/7 conversational self-service through various channels including chat, phone, social and messages.

As explained above, connecting the COVID-19 bot to a knowledge automation technology can improve its ability to answer complex questions and make the backend management of the content more efficient as well.

4. Implement Agent Assist

Innovative Agent Assist enables agents to quickly access the information they need to do their job. As the name says, Agent Assist aims to improve your agents’ performance by quickly surfacing the right knowledge at the right time and place.

With AI-powered recommendations, agents can get real-time suggestions in their Genesys PureCloud chats without even leaving the tab. It can cut the time to agents’ proficiency by 50% and can compensate for the absence of in-office help from colleagues and managers.

By corresponding with the needs of your employees, Agent Assist can ensure an effective 30% reduction of the average call handle time.

5. Connect knowledge automation to your IVR

Automatically recommending answers to your agents based on how customers came through your IVR is another easy and effective way to improve the efficiency of your contact center. By passing the caller’s intent to the knowledge automation platform, it can then immediately provide agents with specific information or guided help.

Empower your Distributed Workforce and Improve the Customer Experience through AI

The goal of agent assist and AI is to consistently surface the best answers to agents and customers. By utilizing these 5 action steps you can allow company knowledge to power the avenues that customers want to connect with you, without additional training, without additional manpower. With the resources you have now you can  get more out of your workforce.

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