5 Quick Steps to a Better CX: Take Your Customer Support to a New Level with AI & Knowledge Automation

by | May 6, 2020 | Knowledge Management

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the current pandemic is one of those events that divides a lifetime into pre-COVID and post-COVID periods. And the best thing we can do as a global family is to figure out ways on how to pick up the pieces and move on to build a better, safer and less fragile world. The way Shelf contributes to this global cause is to make remote agents feel powerful, connected and equipped to accomplish their works faster and more efficiently.

We are forced to be 100% remote and that puts incredible pressure on your employees and support processes. Reality is, when your customers have questions – your agent just can’t get up from their desk and ask their buddy for an answer or flag down a supervisor.  And with over 20% of customer enquiries marked as “difficult” – the need for all agents, new or tenured, to get to the best answer consistently and quickly is imperative. 

Shelf has gathered five new automation tools that can instantly offer necessary help to your distributed customer support.

1. Leverage your Self-Service with Automated Deflection

Only 19% of customers don’t make an attempt to use self-service before contacting support. However, two thirds of customers say that there is not enough help available on organizations’ websites or apps and 77% want a phone number on every web page or app.

Even a robust and updated self-service page can be unsuccessful, if the search is weak and clients simply can’t spot the right information. 

Although by connecting an effective recommendation engine to your self-service library you can detect and reply to clients’ enquiries in a flash.  With modern AI and automation your self-service can easily deflect almost 20% of inbound interactions by surfacing the right content to your clients before they send off that Contact Us form.

2. Make your Chatbots smarter

Availability of support channels substitutes is a major factor that affects how long customers are willing to wait on the line. And having a powerful chatbot is a great opportunity to funnel flooding customer enquiries to a deflection channel. Although 84% of customers report negative experiences with a corporate chatbot, the popularity of this communication channel pressurizes companies to have one.

The accuracy and the response depth of your chatbot is what really matters. With a foundation of the right knowledge and AI power, your chatbot will be able to cope with complex enquiries and offer exceptional customer experience, rather than keep on connecting agents to answer questions from FAQs.

Improve accuracy and response depth of your Chatbot by powering it with the content from your knowledge base.

3. Employ Google COVID-19 bot

Google has recently released a new Rapid Response Virtual Agent that can be quickly implemented and take care of COVID-19 related enquiries over chat, voice, and social channels. Therefore, alongside ensuring a 24/7 conversational self-service channel to your clients, you are also able to segment customers and provide them with better support.

With this being said, powering your COVID-19 bot with the right knowledge automation technology will leverage its performance and facilitate answering compound questions, allowing companies to get a better ROI out of their AI investment. Shelf integrates Google’s chatbot seamlessly into your environment and provides all the necessary support.

4. Advance IVR with Knowledge Automation

IVR is a powerful tool, when it comes to optimizing your agents’ performance on calls. When mixed with knowledge automation, AI can  detect caller’s intent and surface issue-related content without having to search for it – decreasing your average handle time and providing a streamlined, navigated agent experience.

5. Introduce Agent Assist to your current workflow

According to McKinsey research, a searchable record of knowledge can reduce, by as much as 35 percent, the time employees spend searching for information. So imagine how much time your agents can save, when the knowledge finds them automatically.

AI-powered Agent Assist is designed to provide relevant content from your knowledge base to the agent’s regular workflow. It supports your agent by dynamically listening and suggesting knowledge relating to the customer’s needs. It’s a time and cost effective way to instantly leverage your agents’ proficiency.

Learn more about how Shelf clients have gone from agents taking approximately 3.5 minutes per call to find information to basically zero with our help.

Level up your CX with end to end knowledge automation

With Agent Assist and AI, we use knowledge to power all the avenues that customers want to connect with you. Modernizing this experience has a multiplier effect – by improving the channel of their choice with the best answer and providing a single source of knowledge, branding, and messaging.

Consistency and speed are foundational items of CX, and when done right, automation creates loyalty to the brand, increases efficiencies and improves your bottom line. Enhancing your existing workflow with Shelf AI enables better performance, yet requires no additional training or staffing.

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