Deploy Agent Assist Everywhere Agents Need Assistance

Embed Shelf in your CCaaS, CRM, and support system to shorten response time and increase agent productivity.

Right Answer, Right Place, Right Time


Standard Responses

Reduce average handle times by serving exact answers to common questions.

Decision Trees

Simplify answers to complex questions with easy, step-by-step procedures.


Embedded Search

Search your whole library from the Shelf widget, so you never have to switch screens.

Are Your Customers Waiting On You?

Agents spend an average 4 minutes searching for answers across email, Slack, and multiple knowledge bases.

Shelf Agent Assist helps agents find the right answers quickly and easily in a single application.

Find Exact Answers Fast

Shelf AI search pulls exact answer snippets from every content type, including detailed documentation, video and audio.  Agents can dig deeper by navigating directly to the location where answers are found.

Respond to Customers with A Single Click

Shelf’s award-winning UI shortens response times by letting agents insert answers directly into the conversation.

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Deliver Answers Directly to The Agent Desktop

Shelf Agent Assist fits into all the major contact center and ticketing system tools, so agents can focus on your customers instead of your systems.

Put an End to Endless Searches

Shelf MerlinAI matches questions to answers, so customers and agents spend less time searching for information and more time solving problems.

MerlinAI actively listens to customer conversations to identify questions and locate exact answers from your content in real time. MerlinAI works for your agents, so they resolve more issues faster.

Locate answers inside articles, docs, images, video, audio, web content, and more
Create canned responses and decision tree logic
Navigate to exact keywords inside documentation
Shelf MerlinAI improves each new answer based on the last

Power Your Contact Center with Shelf

Contact Center Solutions

Improve customer satisfaction, while reducing average handle times

Customer Self-Service

Help customers help themselves to save them time and you money