Next-level knowledge management for support teams

A faster, smarter, more reliable way to find and manage contact center knowledge as you grow.

Next-level knowledge management for support teams

A faster, smarter, more reliable way to find and manage contact center knowledge as you grow.

Share the right answer in seconds
MerlinAI puts knowledge at your team’s fingertips so they find anything they need, when they need it.

Know what’s working and what’s not
Shelf makes maintaining content easier than ever before with deep analytics, and automation.

Shorten ramp time for new agents 
Reduce training and time-to-agent-efficiency with guided workflows and agent assist.

Find answers instantly with AI-powered search

With your support team working remotely, the ability to find the right answer is paramount to your team’s efficiency. MerlinAI powers your search experience, pinpointing any type of content quickly and painlessly so you resolve inquiries on the first call.


  • Search inside of documents, images, videos, audio files, and web content to the exact location of the desired information.
  • Browse across multiple filters, including tags, dates, document type, added by and source.
  • Recommend content based on learned behavior and use. MerlinAI helps uncover information a user might be unaware existed.

Maximize your team’s overall effectiveness

Answering every question with a simple wiki is so 10 years ago. MerlinAI enables next level knowledge management by intelligently storing all content types in one centralized location—to be utilized anywhere you meet your customers.

Any content type

Develop and deploy support content in the formats that best suit your policies and procedures, and best services the needs of your customers.

One centralized location

Store PDFs, Word docs, presentations, Google docs, web pages, video, and JPG, PNG, and GIF images in one place, and capture content across the web with our Web Clipper.

Organized however you want

Leverage flexible organization suited for your needs, with folders and subfolders to bring structure, as well as tags, categories, file types, timestamps and more.

Guarantee accurate responses with intelligent guidance

Sometimes an answer requires a bit of back and forth to arrive at an appropriate resolution. Shelf goes beyond standard content storage to help your team deliver knowledge through decision tree logic. As an agent gathers more details from a customer, they safely end up with an accurate result.

  • Exclude the need to read lengthy contracts, ask unnecessary questions or transfer difficult calls.
  • Publish articles with decision tree logic across your self-service portal to further enhance a customer’s ability to self help.
  • Connect Shelf with your core support solution to power your IVR or ticketing software with intelligent guidance.

Measure everything with powerful analytics

Leverage advanced analytics and our intelligent suggestion engine, Merlin AI, to gain insights into what content is most used, what needs to be changed, and what is getting out-of-date.

  • Our dynamic reporting suite includes dashboards that visualize your key results and metrics to a quick understanding of performance across knowledge, teams and users.
  • Gain insights into usage patterns, popular keywords, active users, inactive users, and content views through analytics.
  • Analyze search queries to understand the content your team is utilizing, as well as the knowledge they need but may not have.

Save valuable time with automated maintenance

Shelf streamlines admin work by automating content management processes. MerlinAI scans new content upon upload, making it instantly discoverable, while enabling powerful maintenance features to keep knowledge accurate and up to date.

  • Empower your content managers to be more productive with bulk upload that eliminates manual review work.
  • Ensure accurate information is alway available and shared with customers through automatic notifications warning of upcoming content expiration dates and review reminders.
  • Manage drafts, approvals, and publishing rights through workflow management modules that streamline revisioning processes and save time.

Enterprise class security protects your content

Keeping your content secure is paramount nowadays. That’s why Shelf has implemented security measures comparable to Google and Microsoft. Enterprise-level security features include role-base permissions, single sign-on (SSO), secure hosting, as well as rigorous compliance protocols. 

Launch in weeks, not months, with a partner for life

Shelf can be launched instantly with minimal help, and our dedicated customer success team will help you manage onboarding for large-scale knowledge management migrations and implementations.

  • Shelf helps you scope, plan, and execute your knowledge management initiative from start to finish.
  • Personalized training and ongoing support ensure your company launches successfully and scales considerably.
  • Need to get started immediately? As soon as you upload content to Shelf, MerlinAI makes it instantly discoverable without advanced profiling.

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