Shelf’s Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Create a better customer experience with Salesforce Service Cloud integration

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Increase Service Quality and Speed

Help reps identify the answers before your customers ask the questions.

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Deflect Inquiries with Self Service

Improve Community Cloud content quality and coverage.

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Reduce Training Time and Costs

Onboard reps faster by delivering new information on-demand

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Salesforce Service Cloud Integration: Arm Your Reps with Knowledge Inside Salesforce

CRM Integration

Deliver a better customer experience with contextually relevant information based on customer type, geography, subject, description, and more, by connecting Shelf to Salesforce Accounts, Cases, and Opportunities. Let reps search your entire knowledge base without leaving their CRM with Salesforce Service Cloud integration

Supercharge Self-Service with Fast, Accurate Answers

Community Cloud Integration

Bring your online community to life with knowledge when you use Shelf’s integrator to connect Community Cloud. Automatically filter content by audience, topic, language and location for a personalized experience. Help customers help themselves with pinpoint accurate search of your entire knowledge base.

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Identify Gaps Between Questions and Answers through Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Dashboards and Reports

Improve service quality and performance with knowledge analytics created by Shelf MerlinAI. Drill down into detailed interaction reports on search topics, empty searches, and content feedback to zero in on the highest impact improvements.

Continuously Improve The Answers You Deliver

Knowledge Management

Publish new content fast and efficiently with Shelf workflow automation. Set priorities, create content, route approvals, publish, announce, and deliver it directly to reps inside Salesforce and customers visiting Salesforce Community Cloud.


Consistently Rated #1 for Knowledge Management

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in-depth guide

Shelf Platform Overview

Explore the key features and benefits of Shelf's AI-powered knowledge management platform.
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