Shelf’s NICE inContact Integration

Automate company knowledge and deliver accurate answers everywhere customers and agents meet with our NICE inContact integration.

nice incontact integration
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Reduce Handle Times

Shelf MerlinAI suggests answers in NICE inContact voice and digital channels.

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Simplify Complex Escalations

Guide agents through difficult questions with decision trees inside NICE inContact.

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Reduce Training Time and Costs

Simply train agents on NICE inContact and Shelf AI provides the knowledge.

Answer Assist + NICE inContact Integration Supercharges your Team

Answer Assist

Shelf’s Answer Assist + NICE inContact integration means your team can quickly surface the information they need to do their job, with no extra effort. Answer Assist listens to the conversation and suggests real-time answers directly from your existing knowledge, whether it’s a simple answer or a complex navigated workflow process.


nice incontact integration

NICE inContact Integration Enables IVR Intent Mapping

IVR Integration Accelerates Speed to Resolution

The Shelf IVR integration pops knowledge directly in NICE inContact upon call transfer for a frictionless voice experience. Either selectively display specific knowledge or a set of suggested content. Shelf is compatible with menu-based and voice-activated IVR systems.

NICE inContact Integration Enables You to Continuously Improve Answers

Improve Answers with Agent Feedback

Close the loop by allowing agents to provide direct feedback on content quality. Then publish new content quickly and efficiently with Shelf workflow automation. Set priorities, create content, route approvals, publish, announce, and deliver it directly to agents inside NICE inContact with our integration.

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Identify Gaps Between Questions and Answers

Dashboards and Reports

Improve service quality and performance with knowledge analytics based on customer interactions across every NICE inContact channel. Drill down into detailed interaction reports on search topics, empty searches, and content feedback from agents to zero in on the highest impact improvements.

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ROI Starts on Day One

Lightning fast implementation and guaranteed user adoption make Shelf a quick win


Less time looking for answers


Shorter average handle times


Fewer support escalations

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Shelf Platform Overview

Explore the key features and benefits of Shelf's AI-powered knowledge management platform.
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