Answer Assist

The Right Answers Delivered to Your Agents

Enhance response quality to your customers by focusing your agents to a central location for knowledge. Reduce response time and boost productivity with agent assist technology that seamlessly integrates into any existing system.


“Our customers are getting the correct answer on the first call. This is clearly correlated to the documentation being — and staying — in better quality.”

Petri Koivunen — Head of Operations Development, Lowell Nordics

Answer Assist gives you the power of precise answers. Streamline your knowledge by centralizing it in one location. Use AI and customer-driven data to deliver contextually precise answers to agents — resulting in shorter handle times, improved customer satisfaction, and first-contact resolution.

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Streamline Your Agent Operations with Answer Assist

Streamline knowledge management to reduce response times, improve first-contact resolutions, and feed precise and accurate responses to agents.

Stay Consistent Across Your Channels

Keep all of your agents informed with real-time alerts for important updates so they can provide consistent responses across all channels.

Accelerate Inquiry Resolution with Answer Assist

Shelf’s MerlinAI listens to questions and suggests answers instantly to reduce average handle times, shorten first-contact resolution times, and eliminate escalations.

Simplify Your Training and Onboarding

Significantly cut down on your onboarding and training costs by embedding the solution into your existing applications.

Product Features

Decision Trees/Guided Workflows

Leverage guided workflows to help agents navigate complex processes or procedures.

Content Recommendations

Configure intelligent recommendations for relevant content based on search and browsing history.

Context Suggestions

Provide context-based suggestions from preconfigured content based on customer interactions.


Integrate the agent assist solution’s capabilities into your customer support systems, CCaaS, IVR, ticketing, and CRM for enhanced agent productivity.

Multiple Languages

Use Shelf in multiple languages to cater to a diverse audience.

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