Our Story

Shelf was founded by Knowledge Management experts, who’ve spent over a decade consulting and running KM consulting & technology businesses.


Knowledge management was holding companies back

As KM consultants, our founders worked almost exclusively customizing SharePoint for their customers.

After completing hundreds of projects, for companies ranging from Fortune 100s to local businesses, they kept hearing the same issues again and again:

  • the user experience was terrible
  • too difficult to find information
  • hard to integrate SharePoint into other platforms
  • lacked efficiency and automation
How it all started

Negative feedback regarding KM was so consistent, they began asking clients about the ideal solution. What if they had access to…

…a next-generation Knowledge Management platform with a modern UX

…the ability to surface answers automatically

…access to AI that predicted answers

…integrated everywhere your employees worked.

The answer was a resounding yes!


Shelf is Born

Since launching, Shelf has achieved its goal of offering a Knowledge Automation solution that users truly love.

Consistently rated #1 for overall usability, the Shelf platform has been awarded top honors for best-in-class Knowledge technology by Gartner Digital Markets, and has received Easiest to Use, Easiest to Admin, and Highest Adoption awards from G2 for four consecutive quarters.


More and more companies join shelf

Shelf now serves hundreds of customers internationally, including rapid-growth tech and consumer brands like HelloFresh, John Deere, DSW, Herbalife, Glovo, and more.

“At Shelf, we take pride in providing our users with the absolute best experience by connecting them with the most intelligent KM platform on the market. We’re helping customer service departments and companies around the world solve their distributed workforce needs by ensuring knowledge workers quickly find the answers they need to solve everyday problems.”

Tobias Jaeckel
Co-Founder & CTO, Shelf

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