Content Insights

Your Path to Deploying Accurate and Trusted GenAI technology

Get transparency into the accuracy, quality, and completeness of your organization’s content with Content Insights.

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“I get great feedback about Shelf on a daily basis. It has definitely helped all of our markets consolidate everything and makes the lives of the people who are creating this content a lot easier.”

Amy Armstrong — International Learning and Development Lead, HelloFresh

Get your content ready for AI implementation. Use AI and machine learning to analyze and assess the gaps in your organization’s knowledge. Get insight and transparency into your content’s quality, accuracy, and completeness to get your content ready for Generative AI.

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Prepare Your Knowledge for GenAI with Content Insights

Determine your content’s readiness to be utilized by chatbots and conversational AI by assessing content thoroughness, accuracy, and quality. Gain insight into your content’s readiness for GenAI tools.

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Get Actionable Insights to Continuously Improve Content

Access analytics that define activity around content, interactions, and agents. Understand why your content works — or doesn’t work — and and its impact on your business. Take action to fix content issues for continuous improvement of your knowledge.

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Understand the ROI of Your Content

Be strategic about what needs to be changed, when, and why. Allocate resources efficiently and effectively by prioritizing content revision efforts that drive the greatest KPI improvements.

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Get Clear Direction to Enhance and Improve Content

Let Content Insights systematically evaluate, grade, and pinpoint areas for improvement in your knowledge. Receive guidance with informed adjustments to enhance and improve your organization’s content and protect your organization from misinformation.

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Product Features

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Automation Readiness Score

Determine the readiness of your content to be utilized by chatbots and conversational AI tools by assessing its thoroughness, accuracy, and currency.

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Content Audit Recommendations

Receive valuable insights on optimizing your content to prepare for AI strategy and impact your bottom line.

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Individual Document Recommended Fixes

Gain actionable recommendations for enhancing each document, ensuring clear and effective information delivery.

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ROI Calculator

Determine the prospective returns on your knowledge infrastructure investments with our specialized calculator tool.

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Custom Reports

Generate tailored reports to meet your call center monitoring and analysis needs.

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