Genesys Integrations: Get Answers On-demand to Resolve Inquiries Faster

Shelf’s Genesys integrations enable an optimal support ecosystem that delivers answers on-demand and manages knowledge with ease.

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Reduce Handle Times

Shelf MerlinAI suggests answers in Genesys voice, chat, SMS, and email.

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Simplify Complex Escalations

Guide agents through difficult questions with decision trees inside Genesys.

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Reduce Training Time and Costs

Simply train agents on Genesys and Shelf AI provides the knowledge.

With Genesys Integration, Deliver Answers Directly Inside Chat, Voice, SMS, and Email

Answer Assist

In our Genesys integration, Shelf listens to incoming chat and calls to surface answers before an agent comes on line. Leverage call context, such as customer type, geography, intent, and more to zero in on the exact answers to customer questions.

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Search The Entire Knowledge Base Anywhere with Genesys Integration

Search App and Widget

Give agents pinpoint accurate search for your entire knowledge base without leaving Genesys, so they can resolve inquiries faster. Just click on the Shelf App or use the Shelf widget to search without interrupting existing workflows.

Continuously Improve Answers with Agent Feedback through Genesys Integration

Knowledge Management

Close the loop by allowing agents to provide direct feedback on content quality. Then publish new content quickly and efficiently with Shelf workflow automation. Set priorities, create content, route approvals, publish, announce, and deliver it directly to agents inside Genesys with our Genesys integration.

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Identify Gaps Between Questions and Answers with Genesys Integration

Dashboards and Reports

Improve service quality and performance with knowledge analytics based on customer interactions across every Genesys integration channel. Drill down into detailed interaction reports on search topics, empty searches, and content feedback from agents to zero in on the highest impact improvements.

Consistently Rated #1 for Knowledge Management

See in 90 seconds how Shelf surfaces answers in Genesys.

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