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The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook to Data Science for Generative AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative force that’s reshaping industries, processes, and even the very fabric of how decisions are made. As AI systems become more integral to organizational operations, it is essential that we understand the foundational elements that ensure these systems...

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The Future of Knowledge in Customer Service

We live in an on-demand world. Customers expect every product delivered to the doorstep, every service ordered online, and any information they seek immediately available at their fingertips. When customers have questions, they expect answers–on demand. As customer expectations have risen, so have...

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How an AI Knowledge Base Empowers Your Organization

A knowledge base can be empowered by AI and provide streamlined onboarding, greater security and compliance, and reduced strain on resources.

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How to Secure Your Job in Knowledge Management: Become a Knowledge Engineer

Knowledge managers might have previously compared their role in an organization to a tail trying to wag the dog, but AI is a sea change. Knowledge engineers are now in the best position to understand how to turn an organization’s knowledge into a tailored solution for the optimization of AI.

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Top 5 Challenges with Salesforce Knowledge: Businesses Can Do Better

The challenges of Salesforce Knowledge pose significant risks for businesses attempting to compete in a space heavily influenced by AI. Usability problems, reporting restrictions, lack of integrations, high costs, and poor use of AI all contribute to a poor productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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Top 9 Knowledge Management System Examples For Modern KMS

A modern KMS tool will unlock your organization’s knowledge to be used with GenAI solutions and other innovations made possible by artificial intelligence. Shifting your organization’s strategy from digitizing knowledge to laying the foundation of Knowledge as an Infrastructure can make the difference for successfully implementing the power of AI.

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Top Knowledge Management Conferences in Q4 2023 (and What’s Coming in 2024)

Knowledge management (KM) is changing dramatically due to its role in supporting artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. It’s never been a better time to attend knowledge management conferences and get a sense of how KM is changing across industries.

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Shelf’s AI Knowledge Management System

How important will an AI knowledge management system be in the future? Gartner’s 2022 Market Guide for Customer Service Knowledge Management Systems, by principal analysts Pri Rathnayake and Drew Kraus, reveals an eye-opening prediction: “By 2027, 40% of knowledge management systems that do not...

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AI-Based Knowledge Management System Guide

Traditional KMSs stand no chance. An AI-based knowledge management system (KMS) is the intrepid explorer of our digital age, charting the vast terrain of data within organizations. They wield the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to create an...

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management

What’s the role of AI in knowledge management? Read on for key use cases, examples, and the most frequently asked questions today. Table of Contents Keeping Content Up to Date Connecting Info from Different Sources Helping Reduce Support Costs Improving Information Search Frequently Asked...

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The Best AI Knowledge Management Software

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AI in Knowledge Management: Top Uses in CS

Picture this scenario of the relationship of AI in knowledge management: a bustling contact center, where customer inquiries are swiftly resolved with unrivaled precision and personalized care. What powers this extraordinary transformation? The answer lies within the ingenious confluence of...

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