Biggest Contact Center Challenges and Priorities for 2019

The new year is a great time to set goals for the upcoming year. But what is the most important thing to work on, especially when it comes to managing a contact center? While some issues are constant, each year brings with it a new set of priorities to consider, and the biggest contact center challenges and priorities for 2019 are no different. […]

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Shelf Product Update – Revamped Tag Library

Our first product update for 2019 includes improvements to finding content, easier access to meta information for individual pieces of content on the Gem Page as well as a brand-new tag library. […]

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How AI Can Help Call Centers Meet Evolving Customer Demand in 2019

While call centers made significant strides in 2018, many are struggling to keep up with rapidly evolving demand for advanced technologies, improved agent experiences and enhanced customer journeys at the frontline. […]

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The Impact of Next Generation KM on the Contact Center

New Technology Solves an Old ProblemBy Lori Bocklund, President, Strategic Contact, Inc. Knowledge Management (KM) may be the single most impactful technology to help centers address key goals: Reduce workload through greater self-service and shorter handle timesImprove First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate, and with it, the customer experienceEnable agents to handle increasingly diverse and complex contacts without extensive training and specialization […]

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Industry Trends Highlight the Cloud KM Opportunity

New Technology Solves an Old ProblemBy Lori Bocklund, President, Strategic Contact, Inc. In spite of rumors to the contrary, the need for agents is as strong as ever. Contact Centers are planning for growth (agents!), even as the Artificial Intelligence hype train rambles on. Strategic Contact’s technology survey[1] shows growth as a top driver for acquiring technology for 40% of participants. In addition, 58% seek to fill feature/function gaps – and [...]

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Qualities of an Incredible File Search Engine

We know that your company’s search can’t work just like Google. To counterbalance its inability to crawl the web and learn from the 100s of criteria generated by 3.5 billion people, you need a platform that supplements and complements Findability with other Browse & Discover best practices. It’s by leveraging these best practices that you’re able to get your company’s file search engine closer to the power of a World [...]

Why Your Company Search Isn’t as Good as Google

You’re not the only one feeling this way. In a world where we’re able to find whatever we need with just a few keystrokes, company file management seems to fail again and again.  […]

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Knowledge Management without Faceted Search is a Huge Lost Opportunity

Knowledge Management without Faceted Search is a Huge Lost Opportunity According to MOZ State of Search Behavior Report 2017, 34% of searches are abandoned because users didn’t find what they were looking for. Additionally, the average worker spends almost ⅕ of their time—an entire working day per week—attempting to locate the information they already have. […]

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