Midjourney depiction of data mesh and data fabric

Data Mesh or Data Fabric? Choosing the Right Data Architecture

Data mesh and data fabric are two architectural paradigms that are shaping the future of data management and analytics. At their core, both aim to address the complexities of handling vast and diverse data in modern organizations, but they approach the challenge from different angles. In this...

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Midjourney depiction of zero-shot-vs-few-shot-prompting

Master the Prompt: 7 Contrasts Between Zero-Shot and Few-Shot Prompting

Whenever you interact with a large language model (LLM), the model’s output is only as good as your input. If you offer the AI a poor prompt, you’ll limit the quality of its response. So it’s important to understand zero-shot and few-shot prompting as you can use these techniques to get better...

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Evil Geniuses Attack, The LLM Forgettery, Character Consistency and More

Augmented Shelf | Issue 2 | March 19, 2024 Welcome to Augmented Shelf, a wrap-up of the week’s AI news, trends and research that are forging the future of work. Evil Geniuses Vs. ChatDev To evaluate the vulnerability of LLM-based agents, researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, have...

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Forget LLM Memory – Why LLMs Need Adaptive Forgetting

Large Language Models (LLMs) rely on extensive memory to store and manipulate vast datasets, a key factor that allows them to learn from past inputs and improve their linguistic abilities over time. But what if, alongside remembering, LLMs could also benefit from adaptive forgetting? The notion of...

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Pick the Best Conversational AI Platform: A Straightforward Guide

Whether it’s through text-based chatbots on a website or voice-activated assistants in our homes and smartphones, conversational AI is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. By simulating human-like conversations, these advanced AI systems are breaking down the barriers between...

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Augmented Shelf AI Newsletter Edition Midjourney depiction of Robot reading a newspaper

Self Aware LLMs, Election AI-ffliction, India’s AI Reckoning and More

Welcome to Augmented Shelf, a wrap-up of the week’s AI news, trends and research that are forging the future of work. Is Claude 3 Opus Self-Aware? In a remarkable display of potential self-awareness, Anthropic’s newly released Claude 3 Opus AI showcased an unexpected response during an...

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Midjourney depiction of AI governance

Can AI Governance Frameworks Protect You from GenAI’s Risks?

Artificial intelligence is changing technology in groundbreaking ways, affecting everything from business to daily life. However, this rapid advancement brings up significant ethical, legal, and societal concerns, highlighting the urgent need for effective AI governance frameworks. To ensure AI...

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Midjourney depiction of diffusion models for machine learning

The Panoramic Guide to Diffusion Models in Machine Learning

Diffusion models for machine learning are cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping how we leverage artificial intelligence. They excel at generating and transforming data in ways we once thought were exclusive to human creativity. Imagine an artist starting with a blank canvas, gradually...

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Ethical AI Uncovered: 10 Fundamental Pillars of AI Transparency

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative force, reshaping industries, revolutionizing how we interact with the world, and redefining the boundaries of what machines can do. As AI systems increasingly make decisions that affect our lives, the call for AI transparency has never been louder...

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Midjourney depiction of verctors in machine learning

How Vectors in Machine Learning Supply AI Engines with Data

Artificial intelligence engines need data to learn and operate, but the data you and I find meaningful is foreign to machines. Machines need data translated to their preferred language: math. This conversion happens with the help of vectors. What are vectors in machine learning? Vectors are...

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Midjourney depiction of synthetic data

Supercharge AI and ML with Synthetic Data

Synthetic data is artificially generated data that imitates real-world data without using actual information. It is generated through algorithms and statistical techniques to capture the same patterns and characteristics found in real data. Instead of relying on sensitive or private data,...

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Midjourney depiction of question answering

The Rise of Generative Question Answering with LLMs

Businesses face an overwhelming amount of data rich with insights to unlock. Traditional keyword-based searches have long been the go-to method for wading through this informational deluge, but as the complexity and volume of data expand, the inefficiencies of such systems become more apparent....

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