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The most powerful Knowledge Management System for your Salesforce CRM

The Most Powerful Search in the Industry

28% of all searches that are made within your organization are abandoned. When people can’t find the answer through search, they will ping, email, or chat with other people in your organization, wasting even more time and valuable resources. Find the exact location of keywords inside of documents, videos, audio, images, and eliminate abandoned searches.

Seamless Access to Shelf’s Powerful Search & Browse

Shelf’s Managed Package for Salesforce provides direct access to your organization’s knowledge library. No custom implementation required, a simple installation with minimal configuration needs combines the power of Salesforce and Shelf.

    Quick Access through Linked Content

    Gain quick access to content most relevant to a specific Salesforce object, such as an account, lead or opportunity. It’s easy to add Shelf to the sidebar of any Salesforce view. From there you can link existing content from Shelf and even upload new content to Shelf for future reference.

    Embedded Contextual Insights

    Shelf lets you embed content to any Salesforce object to enable direct and seamless access. Stop wasting time tracking things down and put answers at your team’s fingertips so they can find what they need, when they need it.

    Gain New Insights and Make Maintenance Easy

     Leverage advanced analytics and our intelligent suggestion engine, Merlin AI™, to gain insights into what content is most used, what needs to be improved/changed, and what is getting out-of-date.

    Discover with Powerful Organizing + Merlin AI

    Beyond Search, Shelf enables users to browse by Date Added, Recently Changed, Tags, Categories, Type of Content,  Format, and more. Shelf’s Merlin AI™ even recommends content to users that they didn’t even know existed.

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