Knowledge Management

Transform Customer Service Through Knowledge

Increase customer satisfaction and agent productivity with fast, accurate, consistent answers in every customer conversation.

Give Agents Awesome Superpowers

Make every agent a superhero with answers that are relevant, accurate, and easy-to-find. Create content in digestible Shelf Gems, including decision trees, wikis, FAQs, videos and images, then speed up handle times with faceted, pinpoint accurate search.

Make Context King

Tailor your answers to individual customer questions for improved service quality and speed. Link knowledge tags to specific context variables in your CCaaS or ticketing system, such as topic, channel, and account type to serve up the most relevant answers.

Shelf Platform Capabilities and Features

Learn how the Shelf knowledge platform combines AI with modern SaaS infrastructure and a simple user experience to help agents and customers get the answers they need–on-demand.

Master Change Through Feedback

Identify the new questions, the old answers, and the missing content you need to get ahead of constant change with Shelf MerlinAI. Then, close the loop with real-time feedback from agents and customers.

Accelerate Knowledge Delivery

Publish new content in a flash with complete knowledge lifecycle automation. Set priorities, assign owners, create content, route approvals, distribute to downstream systems, and announce availability from one central location.

Become The Beacon of Truth

Break down content silos to eliminate redundant systems, enable remote work, and put an end to untrustworthy sticky notes. Import legacy content with ease and create a central, high-quality knowledge base that feeds all downstream CRM, support, CCaaS, chat, voice, and web systems.

Consistently Rated #1 for Knowledge Management

Here's what our customers think about Shelf Knowledge Management Platform

Our agents no longer have to look in different places to find answers – everything is delivered to them inside Shelf.

Amy Armstrong

Amy Armstrong

Learning and Development Lead, HelloFresh

When compared to other leading knowledge products, over 90% of our users preferred Shelf.

Miquel Gomez

Miquel Gomez

Head of Training, Glovo

The ability to integrate Shelf with our CRM and automatically suggest answers is a game-changer.

Matthew Dvorak

Matthew Dvorak

Director of Workforce Management, Tempoe