Knowledge Automation for
NICE inContact

Automate company knowledge and deliver accurate answers everywhere customers and agents meet in NICE inContact.

Agent Assist Supercharges your Team

Shelf’s Agent Assist integration in NICE inContact means your team can quickly surface the information they need to do their job, with no extra effort. Agent Assist listens to the conversation and suggests real-time answers directly from your existing knowledge, whether it’s a simple answer or a complex navigated workflow process.

IVR Intent Mapping Accelerates Speed to Resolution

The Shelf IVR integration pops knowledge directly in NICE inContact upon call transfer for a frictionless voice experience. Either selectively display specific knowledge or a set of suggested content. Shelf is compatible with menu-based and voice-activated IVR systems.

Help Customers in Every Language You Do Business

Shelf supports over 100 languages so you can help every customer, wherever they are. Create, manage and search for content in whatever language your customers use.

Set the Shelf interface to whatever language your team prefers – making it easy for global contact centers to onboard and use.

Reduce Call Time with Pinpoint Accurate Search Browse

28% of all searches are abandoned. When people can’t find what they need, they will reach out or IM with co-workers to find the answer, wasting valuable time. Shelf’s pinpoint contextual search will guide your employees to the exact point of the article, even if the answer is on page 17 of a 30 page manual – all directly in NICE inContact.


“When compared to other leading knowledge products, over 90% of our users preferred Shelf.”

Miquel Gomez

Head of Training, Glovo

Save Admins Valuable Time with Automated Maintenance

Shelf streamlines admin work by automating content management processes. Manage drafts, approvals, and publishing rights through workflow management modules. MerlinAI streamlines the content maintenance process and ensures accurate information is always available to your agents and customers.

AI-Powered Analytics and Insights

Leverage advanced analytics and Merlin AI, to gain insights into how content is being used, what is getting out of date, which articles are most popular, and continually optimize your knowledge so only high value, accurate information exists. Analyze search queries to understand the content your team is utilizing, as well as the knowledge they need.

Consistently Rated #1 for Knowledge Management

Consider Shelf a worry-free investment — built to make user adoption easy and painless. Shelf won top honors from Gartner Digital Markets for Awards include overall usability across the entire Enterprise Knowledge Management industry, as well as Easiest to Use, Highest User Adoption, and Easiest Admin awards for Contact Center Knowledge Technology from G2. Shelf has a full enterprise KM feature set, including workflow process management, user groups, advanced permissions, customer taxonomies, analytics and customization and can handle all content types. Where traditional knowledge bases fail, Shelf succeeds.

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