Empower agents to assist customers faster

Shelf supercharges agents with AI to quickly surface the information they need to do their job.

Empower agents to assist customers faster

Empower agents to assist customers faster

Shelf supercharges agents with AI to quickly surface the information they need to do their job.

Support more, and answer faster
Powered with MerlinAI, Shelf instantly detects customer intent, and suggests real-time answers directly from your existing knowledge.

Ensure consistent, cross-channel service
Shelf integrates seamlessly into your contact center and support software so you can assist agents across Voice, Live Chat, and Email.

Zero lag time between purchase and ROI
Shelf can be set up by your team’s admin, no dev or IT professionals needed, so you can power your support team with AI immediately.

The best answers, consistently delivered

MerlinAI actively listens to live interactions, and analyzes messages to derive context and provide your team direct answers or recommendations that could otherwise take valuable time to locate. When your agents aren’t wasting time tracking down answers, high support volume is manageable, and customers are left with a positive impression of your brand.

Integrate knowledge into every channel

Agent Assist is ready to go exactly where your customers meet you. Available for Voice, Email, or Live Chat, Shelf connects seamlessly with leading contact center and customer support solutions, integrating knowledge in order to expedite interactions, tackle high ticket volumes, and keep service running smoothly.

Assist agents with more complex scenarios

Sometimes, answers aren’t just one and done. Shelf is the only knowledge solution in the market that combines Agent Assist technology with intelligent content guidance. By incorporating decision-tree logic within your company knowledge, agents and customers can work together gathering finer details in order to arrive at the most appropriate solution.

    Out-of-the-box setup in less than 72 hours

    Not every company has access to dedicated data scientists or IT professionals to train machine learning data sets over weeks or months. Shelf and our Agent Assist are ready out of the box on day 1, already trained and ready to serve accurate knowledge and real-time assistance. The result—zero lag time between purchase and ROI.

    AI-enabled search for when you need a plan B

    MerlinAI’s powerful search capabilities are embedded directly in Agent Assist, so your team can quickly access your entire library of knowledge and retrieve the needed info directly in their support interface. No tab switching, no managing multiple browser windows—the full power of Shelf is available where your agents work everyday.

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