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Knowledge Management


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Empower departments and  teams with an easy way to capture, publish and distribute organizational knowledge.

  • Search with MerlinAI
  • Organize Knowledge
  • Manage Workflows
  • Learn from Feedback

Contact Center


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The future of knowledge for customer service, including CCaaS & CRM integrations, AI-driven agent assist, and knowledge management.

  • Knowledge Management
  • CCaaS and CRM Integration
  • Agent Assist with MerlinAI
  • Answers in Voice, Chat, and Tickets


Consolidate knowledge silos and deliver answers on-demand to customers and employees in the apps they love to use.

  • Knowledge Management
  • Contact Center Support
  • Self-Service Portals
  • Advanced Security & Customization

Feature Detail


Knowledge Management

Contact Center

Enterprise Wide

Bulk Import and Continuous Sync pUpload content from shared servers, GDrive, Dropbox, or OneDrive; folder structures retained; automated indexing of all text and creation of metadata.

Categorization and Tag System pEmploy tag cloud and categories for cross-folder browse by topic.

Connections and Pinned Content pHighlight contextually relevant content and relate it to other knowledge articles; post important announcements, new policies, and other time sensitive content to user dashboard via Pinned Content.

Content Authoring pCreate, edit, and update content from within the Shelf interface using an easy to use WYSIWYG editor.

Content Recommendations pRelevant content proactively recommended to employees based on user behavior and search context.

Content Versioning pRoll-back content to prior versions, track changes over time, and keep copies of prior work with versioning; access version history for content audit purposes.

Decision Trees/Guided Workflows pProvides administrators with the ability to create intuitive, guided progressions for simplifying multi-step interactions.

Search and Browse pBrowse for content by date added, recently changed, tags, categories, content type, file type, favorites, and ratings; utilize search and browse behavior in conjunction with one another to rapidly refine results.

Folder Taxonomy and Group Libraries pLeverage folder hierarchy to bring structure and organization to knowledge base; utilize group libraries to easily segment content.

Library ManagementpCreate private, shared, self-service and organization libraries. Implement rulesets and notifications for managing knowledge within Shelf.

MerlinAI Pinpoint Search pLocate specific keywords and phrases within documents (PDF, Word, PPT, Excel and more), images (png, tiff, jpeg, and more), Wiki pages, and Articles; view text snippets directly from search results; eliminate scrolling and searching by jumping directly to the in-file location of search terms.

Web Clipper Browser Extension pCapture web content (blog posts, articles, videos, web pages, images, etc.) and organize it alongside knowledge articles and documents.

Platform Customization & Configuration pAllows Shelf administrators to determine how rating, commenting, tagging, and other components of the platform function.

Analytics and Reporting pConfigurable reports for content quality, content activity, user activity, and search analytics. Linked to pre-configured dashboards and exportable to CSV.

Multiple Languages pAllows for different language versions of the same content to be managed as a single article; UI adjustable to meet each user’s language preference; articles display based on user’s language choice; support for over 100 languages; all languages indexed for search w/ pinpoint search included.

API Access pIntegrate Shelf into any software/services/web properties via REST or GraphQL APIs; Developer Portal.

Enterprise Security pSoc 2 Type 2, PCI, AES Encryption, GDPR compliance

SSO Integration pShelf supports OpenID providers Okta, AD FS, Azure Active Directory, OneLogin, as well as GSuite and custom SAML solutions. Costs $.30/user/month

User Groups and Roles pCreate subsets of users for easy management of different groups and roles; easily define levels of content access; fine grained controls over what actions users can and cannot perform in Shelf.


Announcements Manager pAllows administrator users to create, schedule, and publish important updates; delivered via core platform, email, or Agent Assist; reader acknowledgement, send reminder, and due date options; analytics to track adherence. Agreed to feature commitment as part of engagement.

Automated Content Maintenance pShef’s self-learning platform tracks usage overtime to prioritize successful search results; AI-driven content improvement recommendations and auto tagging

Content Publication Workflow pInitiate a change/author request for content; delegate authoring and review tasks; manage tasks via a centralized dashboard; track changes

Feedback Manager pEnable users to rate and provide comments/questions to administrators on knowledge base content.

Pre-Configured Dashboards pUnderstand individual and systemwide behaviors via pre-configured dashboards with KPIs and graphs; real-time reporting with custom filters; interlinked dashboards with drill down options; understand search, usage, and content optimization.


Agent Assist SDK pAutomatically deliver relevant knowledge to customer service agents based on the context of a real-time interaction. This unique technology drives more value out of existing technology investments (CCaaS, CRM, etc.), dramatically reduces time-to-answer, and creates significant operational efficiencies for the entire customer support function.

CCaaS/Ticketing System Integration pSeamless integration with the CCaaS agent and admin environments; mapping of Shelf knowledge articles and content to IVR, chat, and web form.

IVR Integration pConnect Shelf to any IVR tree to displays the most relevant knowledge articles to users upon call transfer; selectively display specific knowledge or a set of suggested content; compatible with menu-based and voice-activated IVR systems; available as standalone.

CRM Integration pShelf content library embedded within Salesforce + using Salesforce UI for experience consistency; attach Shelf content to Account, Customer, Lead, and Opportunity records; simultaneously attach files to a Salesforce record and Shelf.


Self Service Portal pManage external facing content in an easy-to-author and easy-to-maintain knowledge management platform; publish to external locations (e.g. public website, microsite, etc).

Simple Configuration GUI pCustomize self-service portals without code, including content settings, home page, footers, branding, languages and more.

Multiple Languages pDeploy self-service portals in multiple languages.

Widgets (Popular Articles and Tags) pInclude convenient widgets with content filtered by simple configuration settings.

AI-Based Article Recommendations pSuggest helpful information your customers don’t know to reduce call volume.

Webform Integration pInstantly suggests best-fit content based on form inputs before your customers click submit.

Standard Themes pChoose from a selection of out-of-the-box themes.

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