Modern Knowledge Management for Contact Centers

Provide fast, accurate answers to customer questions.

Increase Agent Productivity and Service Quality

Embed Shelf Agent Assist in your CCaaS, CRM, or support system to shorten response time and increase agent productivity. Shelf MerlinAI actively listens for questions in calls, chat, and tickets to suggest answers proactively. Agents can also search the entire content library directly from the Shelf widget.

Help Customers Help Themselves

Create awesome customer experiences while deflecting support tickets. Improve chat bot accuracy, provide answers in forms, optimize search with AI, and offer a fully branded, localized self-service portal. Proactively suggest critical information your customers don’t know to prevent unnecessary support calls.

Continuously Improve Answer Quality and Coverage

Prioritize updates and accelerate content publishing to keep your content relevant and fresh. Use content feedback to capture organizational knowledge and improve answers in real-time. Automate content creation, review, and approval workflows, then publish from a single source to every communication channel.

Shelf Platform Capabilities and Features

Learn how the Shelf knowledge platform combines AI with modern SaaS infrastructure and a simple user experience to help agents and customers get the answers they need–on-demand.

See Your Operation in A New Light

Improve service quality and performance with knowledge analytics created by Shelf MerlinAI based on customer interactions across voice, chat, SMS, email, and web. Drill down into detailed interaction reports on search topics, empty searches, and content feedback to identify gaps between questions and answers. Spend less time compiling reports and more time publishing awesome content to answer customer questions better and faster.

Consistently Rated #1 for Knowledge Management

Right Place. Right Time. Right Answer.

Deliver the right answers everywhere by eliminating knowledge silos.
Save time and money with simpler infrastructure.