The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Unstructured Data

How-to’s, Tips, and Tactics for Creating Better LLM Outputs

This white paper offers an in-depth practical guide to unstructured data and best practices to organize that data for LLMs to prevent inaccuracies and security risks.

In this white paper, you will find:

  • The role of Knowledge Management in organizing data for LLMs to prevent inaccuracies and security risks.
  • LLM applications in enhancing search experiences, pharmaceutical research, law firms, and customer support, facilitating improved productivity and data accessibility.
  • The significance of quality, ethics in datasets, contextual understanding, and human-LLM collaboration for effective and responsible AI outcomes.

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Director of User Experience, Cambium Assessment

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Andreia Hale, Training Supervisor, DSW

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Petri Koivunen, Head of Operations Development, Lowell Nordics