51 Tried and Tested Generative AI Prompts for Customer Service Agents

Agents at all levels can apply these Generative AI prompts right now to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

This eBook presents 51 ready-to-use Generative AI prompts tested and refined to improve customer service effectiveness.

In this eBook, customer service agents will find:

  • A framework for consistent, on-brand communication
  • Strategies for addressing customer needs promptly and accurately
  • Tactics for effectively introducing promotions or policy updates
  • Guidance for technical support and explanations in simplistic terms
  • Ways to maintain customer trust amidst organizational changes

Your peers are already using GenAI to excel. Don’t get left behind!

Instead of agents getting stuck, they now get the exact phrase and context of answers that were previously buried deep inside of large documents.
Director of User Experience, Cambium Assessment

Our customer satisfaction scores have improved for both voice and written inquiries, because our associates now have the resources they need right in front of them.
Andreia Hale, Training Supervisor, DSW

Our customers are getting the correct answer on the first call. This is clearly correlated to the documentation being — and staying — in better quality.
Petri Koivunen, Head of Operations Development, Lowell Nordics