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Using an AI Copilot for customer service is essential in a business world where customers expect 24/7 access to quick and accurate answers and businesses need innovative solutions to tackle information retrieval challenges. The level of efficiency customers want — and your internal leadership expects — can only be achieved by embracing AI copilots to augment your customer service agents. In this article we’ll breakdown the challenges an AI Copilot can resolve and how to implement a solution for your organization.
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How AI Copilots Addressing Key Challenges for Customer Service Agents

Customer service is no stranger to the challenges of information retrieval and response accuracy. In order to provide timely responses to customer queries, agents require quick access to information. However, the method of information retrieval plays a critical role in enabling agents to work efficiently within a unified space — without the hassle of navigating through various windows and applications.

If your contact center’s knowledge management system (KMS), knowledge fulfillment, or federated search solution lacks intuitiveness, your agents are less likely to utilize it effectively. This can result in increased time spent searching for answers and longer resolution times.

The use of traditional search methods can exacerbate these challenges, as they tend to be time-consuming, inefficient, and often ineffective when knowledge is scattered across different silos.

Without an AI-driven copilot experience connected to your KMS and knowledge silos, customer service agents run the risk of providing inaccurate or imprecise answers. Agents may resort to a mix-and-match approach, combining established processes with manual searches to verify information that is not integrated within their knowledge management system. These hurdles can have a significant impact on key performance indicators (KPIs), agent productivity, and the overall success of your department.

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The problem becomes even more pronounced when organizations duplicate knowledge across multiple systems — creating multiple sources of truth. The process of searching for knowledge often requires customer service agents to switch platforms, attempting to retrieve answers from multiple systems. This constant platform switching leads to frustration, ultimately reducing agent productivity and satisfaction as highlighted by a Forrester survey. [1]

According to the 2023 CCW Market Study, 57% of agents access at least four systems a day looking for answers, and 54% of agents spend an excessive amount of time manually sharing feedback. These figures underscore the pressing need for a more streamlined and intuitive approach to enterprise-level findability and answer retrieval in customer service. By addressing these challenges head-on, businesses can enhance their agents’ performance, improve customer satisfaction, and drive the overall success of their customer service department.

Introducing Shelf Search Copilot

Shelf’s Search Copilot addresses these challenges head-on by optimizing information retrieval and enhancing response accuracy. The AI-based copilot experience automatically delivers accurate answers to agent and customer queries — reducing the need for time-consuming manual searches. By summarizing important details from the original content source and creating refined questions and answers, agents can quickly access precise information, saving valuable time and enhancing comprehension.

The key features of Shelf Search Copilot for customer service agents include ready-to-use answers, content summarization, interactive Q&A, and automatic answer retrieval. Agents no longer have to sift through extensive search results or multiple articles to find relevant information. Instead, they can focus on providing exceptional service and resolving customer issues promptly.

“Shelf's AI Copilot gives better choices and makes intuitive leaps to help customer service agents find answers.”


Digital Transformation Made Easy

Shelf’s Search Copilot seamlessly integrates into your enterprise’s digital transformation journey. By harnessing the power of AI and utilizing large language models (LLMs), Search Copilot expedites the knowledge organization and retrieval process necessary for successful customer service agents and operations. Search Copilot can accomplish this by utilizing AI technology to work with your established system.

Unlike other knowledge management systems, Search Copilot can extract information from other content platforms. This means your organization doesn’t need to embark on a time-consuming content migration and agents can access your organization’s wealth of knowledge without getting lost in manual searches. The time they save looking for information empowers them to deliver the exceptional service your customers expect.

Fostering Trust and Transparency with an AI Copilot for Customer Service Agents

In the world of AI-powered solutions control and transparency are paramount. Shelf Search Copilot addresses these concerns by providing control, transparency, and trust features.

Users have control over when and how the AI-based feature is utilized — allowing them to manually trigger the automatic search enhancement feature. Additionally, the system generates answers based on the organization’s documented knowledge wherever it is stored. Shelf’s technology empowers its users with the ability to to keep answer accuracy and reliability — greatly minimizing the risk of errors and inaccuracies.

Transparency is achieved through references to the original content used as sources for the answers. Whenever an answer is provided, the user has access to detailed information on the source of the answer — allowing them to verify the accuracy of responses. Shelf emphasizes its commitment to data safety and security by adhering to strict information security standards and procedures. All AI models run exclusively on trusted cloud platforms, providing robust security and compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

An AI Copilot Takes Your Customer Service Digital Transformation to the Next Level

Shelf Search Copilot is a comprehensive solution that enhances agent efficiency, fosters customer satisfaction, and offers a concrete step forward to infusing AI into everyday customer service operations. Enabling agents to update organizational knowledge results while providing automation features effectively increases the productivity of your agents by a magnitude of ten. This is a far more sustainable solution than alternatives such as AI bots, which have been reported to share inaccurate or inconsistent information.[2] With streamlined information retrieval and accurate responses, organizations can meet the demands expected of modern AI-assisted customer support centers.

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