Shelf Customer Success Manager Wins Top CSM Award

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Stamford, CT — June 23, 2022 — Out of 18 finalists and 400 nominations from high profile SaaS companies, Shelf is excited to announce our very own Anna Kainova has won ChurnZero’s CS Advocate Award! Anna is one of only seven winners selected as part of ChurnZero’s CSM Appreciation Week in 2022.

Among the finalists for this CS Advocate award category were customer success leaders from Chili Piper, HiBob, Cision, and 6sense.

The CS Advocate award, sponsored by SuccessHACKER, recognizes CSMs who champion and embrace the importance of Customer Success teams; winners of this award like Anna understand that to create great experiences and happy customers, teamwork is essential.

A dedication to excellent support and ease of implementation

Day-to-day, Anna’s focus on serving customers is evident in several of Shelf’s Voice of the Customer surveys; she continues to earn high marks across the board.

Outside of Shelf, Anna embraces the role of a true CS champion; she has mentored more than 40 startups in partnership with Startup Wise Guys, a venture capital fund that offers seed money as well as world-class mentors as part of their accelerator program.

“I couldn’t be prouder of Anna’s recent win. I’ve witnessed firsthand the excellent work she’s put in for our customers, and is exciting to see the industry recognize her for it.”

Leading the way with a track record of excellent customer support

Thanks to leaders like Anna, Shelf continues to start apart from competitors, especially in customer support and satisfaction. This reality is reflected in top peer review publications, including G2’s Summer 2022 Grid® Report, where Shelf is a Momentum Leader in the Contact Center Knowledge Base category.

Shelf’s Customer Success team continues to play a large role in sustaining the company’s growth, leading the way with a satisfaction rating of 96% or higher in the same G2 Grid® report for the following categories: Likelihood to Recommend, Ease of Setup, Ease of Doing Business With, and Quality of Support.

“Shelf has been a joy to work with. Having worked on the first attempt of moving from our old knowledge base to our last one…the experience was night and day different!”
Training & Quality Analyst, Energy Sector

Building relationships with customers continues to be a priority

Some of the largest global customer support teams rely on Shelf every day to maximize productivity—a reality Shelf’s customer success team understands with each implementation. In a world where companies are reliant on customers always self-serving, leaders at Shelf continue to stress how important going the extra mile is to creating true product advocates.

“We take good care of all of our customers and thrive on making them successful. We want customers to have a great experience working with our team, one they will remember even if they change jobs. There’s a lot of good CS software out there, but excellent CS support makes all the difference—Jennifer Fray, SVP of Customer Success at Shelf

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