Knowledge automation is transformative for your agents. It saves time, eliminates the barriers to finding information, and keeps answers consistent. But what about those new hires who aren’t yet familiar with how your contact center operates?

Without AI and automation, new reps must undergo a lengthy period of onboarding and company education, including trainings, reviews, and study time in order to adequately grasp your policies and procedures. It’s no wonder large call centers report a staggering turnover rate of 30-45%, with inefficacy among the top stressors for agents.

Knowledge automation alleviates some of the burdens of ramping new agents, by making smarter use of content and elevating their ability to do the job on Day 1.

Leverage Guided Procedures to Ensure High Levels of Service

decision tree

Content built with decision trees reduces training time and alleviates the stress of executing complex procedures, especially when an Agent-in-Training encounters a new scenario for the first (and second/third) time during a call.

Shelf leads them through a step-by-step, error-proofed process, allowing new agents to come of like seasoned pros.

Automated Agent Assist

Leveraging AI to suggest answers and recommend content directly in the agent workspace is proven to reduce handle times, but it’s truly invaluable when new agents are put on the front lines.

Agent Assist eases the burden on your new agents by helping them assess a customer issues and navigate through heavy processes or procedures. Agent Assist fastracks onboarding because the combination of MerlinAI and decision trees take on the task of critical thinking, so new agents can focus on facilitating conversations, keeping customers happy, all while getting a lay of the land at a reasonable pace.