Knowledge automation not only recommends exact answers, it streamlines and simplifies process navigation, so CSRs can easily take the right action for the situation, each and every time.

With Average Handle Times nearly doubling during the pandemic, now more than ever it’s critical that contact center leaders take measures to eliminate procedural confusion and simplify things for their agens. 71% of consumers expect their problem to be solved immediately upon contacting customer service. That means no on-hold time, no transfers, no “we’ll get back to you”.

Read on to learn how Shelf improves content quality through intelligent guidance and workflow modules that automate feedback, content publication, and announcements.

Guided Answers

Approximately 20% of interactions require an agent to follow a specific procedure or take sequential steps through a process. Unfortunately, most organizations require agents to manually scan through heavy documentation and clumsily jump from place to place to get to the next step, which is prone to error. This leads to things that we all wish to avoid – supervisor escalations, irate callers, and lost customers.

Knowledge automation solves these problems by powering intelligent content guidance.

Stacks of heavy processes and procedures are transformed into decision trees that guide the agent step by step through a complex process. By automating these procedures through intelligent content, agents – regardless of their level of experience – can easily understand what needs to be done and take the appropriate course of action. The customer has their issue solved and the CSR has done things by the book, helping keep the contact center operation in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.