With an API-first architecture, Shelf is an enterprise application designed to be flexible and extensible to any organization’s needs. Companies can embed Shelf’s core capabilities into any modern technology to automate answers, provide guided answers, automate maintenance, and leverage MerlinAI to continually learn and improve the quality of their content.

Shelf’s can be integrated into any workflow application in three different ways:

  1. Leverage Shelf API: Embed any Shelf functionality directly into any application for a seamless user experience.
  2. Content Sync: Make content from Shelf available in other applications and vice-versa, thanks to a content sync.
  3. The Shelf Widget: Embed Shelf to act as an app within other applications via pre-built UI components, such as Agent Assist.

For an example of how this works, see this article on how Shelf integrates with CMS platforms.

Additionally, Shelf can integrate with other enterprise tech infrastructure, such as Enterprise Search platforms, to provide users access to specialized content types, to enhance functionality by injecting additional features into its capabilities, and to improve performance through feedback loops provided by MerlinAI.

An example about how Shelf integrates with Enterprise Search is covered in this blog.

We’ll now dive deeper into the core value that Shelf brings to other enterprise technologies and how companies can leverage Shelf to drive improvements in critical CX KPIs.

Value of Integrating Shelf in the Enterprise Techstack

Shelf brings efficiency gains that add up to 10’s of Millions of dollars of ROI per year through improving how knowledge is managed and delivered across the remote workforce. We’ll delve into exactly how the ROI is delivered a bit later. First, we’re going to break down the core value that Shelf brings to enterprises:

Automated Answers
to ensure speed to answer

Core features:
Agent Assist, IVR Knowledge, Chatbot Knowledge

Guided Answers
to ensure accuracy

Core features:
Guided Workflows, Decision Trees

continuously learns and improves content quality and response quality over time

Automated Maintenance
ensures content is up-to-date, accurate and compliant

Core features:
Feedback Manager, Content Publication Workflow Manager, Announcement Manager, Content Health Monitor and AutoTag/AutoCategory Manager

Flexible & Extensible
API-first architecture with pre-built components

Core features:
All functionality available through documented APIs, secure and scalable pre-built components ready for integration with other platforms

The following sections will provide an in-depth perspective on how each component of knowledge automation brings incredible value to enterprise companies and contact centers. This next section covers how Shelf automates answers while ensuring consistency and accuracy of company information.