Shelf Recognized as a Top Knowledge Product for Admins by G2

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We want to say a special THANK YOU to our customers, who helped us gain the G2 awards for two straight quarters. We were especially thrilled to receive recognition for the highest Ease of Admin and Ease of Setup in the contact center software category.

Why ease of admin is important

These days, not many companies can afford or are willing to invest in a dedicated knowledge management admin. That’s why this burden often falls onto the shoulders of supervisors and managers who have a long list of other responsibilities which tend to push knowledge management to the bottom. Even the most committed and hardworking employee can’t manage the workload of two separate positions at once and has to keep juggling multiple tasks over and over again, because what other choice do they have?

That’s the question that Shelf wants to answer—with automation.

Alongside the many benefits of better CX and performance improvements, a modern contact center techstack can turn knowledge management into a simple, streamlined process.

With features like:

  • AI-suggested reminders — track outdated content
  • Search insights — know what users can and can’t find
  • Analytics — track how content is being used
  • Agent feedback — collect qualitative and quantitative feedback from users
  • Integrations — extend knowledge anywhere your teams and customers need it
  • Content publication workflow — manage streamlined process to moderate/request new content
  • Pre-built effective folder taxonomy — follow an established structure in every department
  • Flexible permissioning — make sure content is delivered to the right recipient
  • Multiple content types — use content types appropriate to your needs without limitations

Most knowledge bases are cumbersome to manage—Shelf is the opposite of that. A suite
of admin features saves managers and supervisors at least 6-10 hours of valuable time each
month and provides them with helpful insights and AI assistance so they can focus more energy on key initiatives.

Easy to manage and maintain.Easy to maintain updated articles; processes; info… with an integrated reminder system. Easy to manage rights and groups. This comment is a true testament of how great this tool is.” -Sylvain M.


It allows us to organize hundreds of resources – from links to videos to downloadable images and documents. Various user-access levels allow you to maintain the integrity of your site.We can analyze most-viewed documents/links and easily generate reports on use. Seeing what our users are searching also allows us to prioritize new resources to provide.” -Administrator in Environmental Services


Shelf is flexible; offering folder creation, meta-tagging, flex-tagging, OCR scanning of images, etc. all of which make searching and finding relevant content very fast and accurate.” -Helen F.


Share your thoughts

G2 – is a peer-to-peer review site where users can choose the right software and services for their business based on over a million authentic, timely reviews from real users.

We are devoted to keeping up with our customers’ expectations and continuing to develop an award-winning knowledge automation platform. That’s why we are super excited about every review that we get, as it helps us to continuously perfect our solution.

If you are using Shelf and want to share your feedback with the world – leave your review here.

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Shelf Recognized as a Top Knowledge Product for Admins by G2: image 2

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