Shelf Recognized as the Easiest to Use Contact Center Knowledge Tech by G2

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Customer experience means everything to us. That’s why we were incredibly excited to find out that Shelf has once again received the top award for Easiest to Use product in the Contact Center Knowledge tech category in G2’s latest Report.

G2 is a peer-to-peer review site where users can choose the right software and services for their business based on over a million authentic, timely reviews from real users. And the following awards clearly demonstrate what customers had to say about Shelf.

Why Ease of Use is Key

A contact center can’t operate without a knowledge base of some sort. All companies use a variety of tech tools to manage content and deliver knowledge to their employees. But this tool kit is often limited to G-Docs, Dropbox, Sharepoint or other siloed storage solutions.

However, statistics show that current setups still lead to agents wasting 19% of their time looking for answers or tracking down colleagues for help, which adds up to 364 hours of wasted time per person per year.

The information is there–agents just can’t find it, and this needs to change. Traditional solutions constrain companies: they are hard to use, complicated to manage and are often abandoned by users and admins, while more complex solutions require a separate stack of technicians to set up and maintain.

“Trying to force new technology on people – no matter how advanced or effective it can be – will still lead to failure” shared Sedarius Perrotta, CEO at Shelf.

That’s why we believe that ease in every aspect of a product plays a key role in determining whether the solution will be beneficial to its consumers.

Shelf is Truly a Game Changer

Shelf helps us create a centralized location for all of the information we gather. It is easy to see what everyone is sharing and easy to search for specific information.” -Cassie S


Easy to set up. Easy to manage and maintain. Easy to map out complex processes with a tool called decision trees. Easy to pull up stats on traffic. Easy to maintain updated articles; processes; info… with an integrated reminder system. Easy for staff to add comments to individual posts. Easy to manage rights and groups. THE SUPPORT IS OUTSTANDING! ” -Sylvain M


Shelf makes it SO easy to help you find the data or information you need in a few keystrokes. That’s my favorite functionality as it save so much time looking for documents, PPTs, articles, etc.” -Loren C.


I like the simplicity of Shelf. Shelf has enabled our agents to see information quicker to provide customer information more effectively (and more accurate) when on calls. It has improved our customer service as well.” -Administrator in Financial Services


Shelf is an easy to use tool with a robust search function. We are able to easily share resources and information across the globe. We can analyze most-viewed documents/links and easily generate reports on use.” -Administrator in Environmental Services


Share your thoughts

We are devoted to keeping up with our customers’ expectations and continuing to develop an award-winning knowledge automation platform. That’s why we are super excited about every review that we get, as it helps us to continuously perfect our solution.

If you are using Shelf and want to share your feedback with the world – leave your review here.



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