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This product update covers a significant new product feature that takes the Shelf Analytics functionality to a whole new level. But before diving into the new Shelf Insights Platform, there are a couple of additional recent enhancements that are worth taking a quick look at.

Search Auto-suggest

Shelf’s already powerful search has become even more so. Now, as soon as you start typing in the search bar, a list of up to five suggested Gems is displayed right below. You can use your keyboard arrows or the mouse to open one of the recommended Gems directly.

Search Auto-Suggest In case none of the suggested Gems are what you’re looking for, just hit Enter to trigger a full-text search and see the list of results as you’ve gotten accustomed with.

Chat Support Configuration

All users of accounts with Live Chat Support enabled, have the ability to ask product related questions to Shelf’s Support Team via an online chat. However, you may want to limit access to live support to specific users. The new Chat Support Customization option allows you to do so. Simply define which user roles should have access or no access and streamline how support enquires to Shelf Support are posted by your organization.

Live Chat Support Customization

The New Shelf Insights Platform

Shelf is not just knowledge management; it’s knowledge intelligence. One way to experience this intelligence is through our new Shelf Insights Platform.

Shelf Insights is about more than providing you with data in a bunch of reports: Leverage our advanced analytics to gain insights into how content is being used, what is getting out of date, which articles are most popular, and continually optimize your knowledge base so only high value, accurate information exists.

Let’s start with the Dashboard that gives you curated insights into how exactly your Shelf is being used to add value to your organization. The Dashboard is divided into five main sections, covering main KPIs, content quality, account activity, search activity, and a live view. Read on to learn more about each of these sections.

Overview of main KPIs and trends

At a glance, the Account Overview summarizes important KPIs that shed more light onto the value Shelf provides. For example, learn about how actively your Shelf is used, if there are issues with content getting outdated, see trends of various usage parameters, and more.

Account Overview with KPIs 

Assessment of the quality of your content

The structure and quality of the content in your knowledge base is a major contributing factor to its success and value. The Shelf Insights Platform lets you determine areas that require attention to improve the quality of your content further. For instance, you can assess statistics on how well content is categorized or tagged, or how your users are rating the content quality and derive specific actions for further productivity increases.

Content Quality

Content Quality

Analytics on the account activity

Your organization’s knowledge exists to be actively accessed. But how do you know which content is accessed most for least frequently? How do you know what users benefit most or least from the curated knowledge? The Shelf Account Activity analytics provide deep insights into the usage patterns of your knowledge base. Not only are you able to see who is using the system most actively, but you can see what content is being utilized, how it’s used, and at what times.

Activity Insights

Activity Insights

Insights into the search performance

Shelf’s powerful search is a major boost to effectively and quickly finding information. Learn about common search patterns, or when searches don’t yield any results in the Search Analytics section. Analyzing search patterns helps you understand how to improve the experience and performance of your organization’s knowledge base.

Search Analytics

Search Analytics

A live view of the usage of your Shelf

The Live View shows ongoing activities on your Shelf in real time. For example, you can determine repeating searches by a particular agent and proactively provide guidance and avoid escalations.


In addition to the curated analytics dashboard, various reports provide even more detailed information and insights, such as on user and search activity or content usage and quality. Just like the dashboard, reports are accessible by all Admins of your Shelf account via the Admin Panel.

Real-time Reports with Sorting and Filtering

Real-time Reports with Sorting and Filtering

Many of the reports are directly linked to from the dashboard and pre-filtered according to the context from which you open them. Of course, you can access them independently as well, and filter and sort the information yourself to quickly gain the desired insights. That includes narrowing down the report to display data only for a specific period or a particular user. Pre-defined date filters are available, and custom selections are possible as well.

There is a lot to explore on the Shelf Insights Platform. We’re excited to hear how your organization will be benefiting from this additional knowledge intelligence. Please, drop us a line when you get a chance – your feedback is most welcome. Thanks for reading and thank you for using Shelf!


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