Food Delivery Giant Cuts Handle Time in Contact Center with Modern KMS

Customer since: 2020

90+ second reduction in handle time

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The Challenge

Glovo, a lifestyle and food delivery app operating in 20 countries globally, is also one of the world’s fastest growing support functions. While expanding across every continent, their contact centers are increasingly handling millions of interactions per month across dozens of languages. The company quickly realized their knowledge bases were siloed, and their influx of new agents were having difficulty finding and sharing correct answers to customer and courier concerns.

The Solution

Glovo sought a Knowledge Automation solution that would centralize their content, seamlessly integrate it into Kustomer, and recommend exact answers within the agent workspace in real-time.

With Knowledge Automation, agents new to the job are now ramped and onboarded quickly because Glovo transformed their knowledge base into an active tool for assisting agents, couriers, and customers in answering questions quickly and accurately.

The Results

    • Reduced handle times by more than 90 seconds within two weeks of launching Shelf.
    • Deployed Agent Assist in Kustomer, so the team leverages AI to predict and recommend answers, delivered directly into live chats markets.

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