Glovo invested in a cutting-edge knowledge management system with a strong emphasis on visualization, usability, findability, and product innovation. Shelf’s modern KMS was a game-changer for Glovo, significantly increasing daily content usage by 45% after rolling out Announcements. Transforming their knowledge base into a highly effective tool and integrating into their existing CRM – assisting agents, couriers, and customers.

With the ability to optimize content, Glovo was able to improve process adherence and quickly adapt to key changes in the business, which led to an increase in first contact resolution and NPS. With this knowledge for the future approach, Glovo has been able to provide the right answers in real-time, which lead to a reduction in handle times by over 90 seconds within just two weeks of implementing Shelf. This shift has had a positive impact on their business and helped Glovo deliver a superior customer experience.

About Glovo

Glovo is a Barcelona-based on-demand delivery platform that allows customers to order anything from local stores and restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep. Founded in 2015, the company operates in over 20 countries across Europe, Africa, and Latin America and partners with over 50,000 businesses to provide a wide range of products and services to its users.

Glovo’s mission is to make local commerce more accessible and convenient for everyone, and it has become a popular choice for consumers looking for fast and reliable delivery of everything from groceries and pharmaceuticals to takeout food and pet supplies. With a user-friendly app and website, Glovo offers a seamless ordering experience, with real-time tracking and updates on the status of each delivery.

The Challenge

Glovo has rapidly expanded and becomes one of the fastest-growing delivery platforms globally, with a presence across every continent; their contact centers were handling millions of interactions each month in multiple languages. The company was faced with challenges related to its knowledge management system as they entered hyper- growth. The current KMS was set up as one long decision tree, lacked multi-language support, and wasn’t integrated into their tech stack – which made it impossible for KMs to keep content up to date across 13 languages and increased the time it took agents to find what they were looking for which lead to a series of outcomes – increased AHT, lack of trust among agents and created a barrier for enterprise-wide scalability. In addition, the influx of new agents faced difficulties in onboarding and training on top of being able to find and share accurate information on day one to address customer and courier concerns.Chiara Alati, CRM and Knowledge Management Lead shared,

“I’ve been an agent myself; I understand the fear agents go through and what it’s like to handle their first call. A KM tool is critical to the survival of agents, and it needs usability with findability for them to be successful. Agreat knowledge management system is key to the success of agents which has a big impact on customers’experience, which in turn can increase or decrease revenue.”

The Solution

Glovo’s success hinges on consistency and scalability across all markets and agents. With over 2000 agents across 13 markets, it’s essential to have a solution that streamlines content and processes while accommodating different languages. To achieve this, Glovo needs a partner that can mature and grow with them by implementing a knowledge management strategy aimed at closing the gap between customer questions and answers.

To achieve their goal, Glovo required a KMS that seamlessly integrates with their CRM and provides accurate answers based on the customer profile and intent. The ability to create and send announcements and deliver decision trees in consumption models would also be key. Ultimately, Glovo aims to reduce and standardize notifications for agents, ensuring a smoother experience for both customers and agents.


Like many other organizations, Glovo had concerns about switching to a new knowledge management system. The team worried that the implementation and content migration process would be time- consuming, and they weren’t sure if it would meet their business needs. They also feared that the rollout might fail and that agents wouldn’t adopt it. Glovo was unsure if they could optimize the new system and deliver the desired results.

Fortunately, Shelf was able to ease these concerns by delivering outstanding results. The Shelf Knowledge Platform was launched to Glovo’s entire agent population in just 50 days, exceeding expectations. Miquel Gomez, Head of Training at Glovo, praised the Shelf team for their help with the easy migration process while keep their content qulaity but upgrading their content types to better deliver process knowledge capture. Additionally, Shelf was able to centralize Glovo’s content, making it easier to deploy Shelf Answer Assist to Kustomer, and recommend exact answers in real-time, within the agents workspace.

The Results

Glovo’s success can be attributed to their decision to partner with a Knowledge Management provider instead of just a technology vendor. Upon launching Shelf, the team saw a significant reduction in handle times by over 90 seconds within just two weeks. By utilizing Shelf Answer Assist in Kustomer, the team is benefiting from AI-powered suggestions, driven by customer profiles and context, that predict and recommend answers, delivering them directly into live chats to improve customer satisfaction scores. Miquel Gomez, Head of Training at Glovo shard, When compared to other leading knowledge products, over 90% of our users preferred Shelf. Indicating that it was the right choice for the business.

Moreover, Glovo has learned to optimize content with the help of Shelf. They now have the insights with Shelf knowledge governance, feedback loop and content health dashboard to understand what is effective and which content types are best suited for agents. This includes decision trees – how to create them to focus on usability for the agent but best mapped to customer journey. 

“The agents most beloved feature is the logic flow in decision trees, as it allows them to jump to specific steps within a decision tree to provide quick answers to customer questions.”