Shelf Recognized as “Easiest Setup” in Contact Center Knowledge Tech by G2

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If you’ve purchased new tech, especially from a legacy vendor, then you’ve probably been through this before—months of delays, and the go-live date you were planning on is out of reach. You think back to all the promises they made you, all those exciting conversations around ROI, greater efficiency, and a newly empowered team. Suddenly, you’ve lost faith that the project has any chance of rolling out within the year.

Contact centers can no longer afford these delays, nor should they still experience them in 2020. Customer experience is far too valuable, and new technology shouldn’t get in the way, especially if you’ve made the decision to explore Knowledge Automation. Gartner says 90% of businesses are expected to compete on their customer experience, and Knowledge Automation is an incredibly effective way to edge out the competition, just as long as you are up and running according to plan.

That’s why your Knowledge vendor must be a reliable choice; one that can guarantee a fast path to improving the customer experience, one that owns the implementation process from start to finish, and one that prioritizes your immediate return on investment.

AI-led Knowledge Automation is quickly proving itself to be necessary in the modern contact center, and when it comes to prioritizing your next tech initiative, an easy and burden-free set up can provide that much-needed quick win.

That’s exactly how we built Shelf, and why we have such great relationships with our customers. We partner on Day 1, and help achieve ROI as soon as possible, meeting all set expectations. Whether it’s faster handle times, a better search experience, or easier content maintenance, Shelf is easy to use, and helps companies hit their goals in weeks, not months.

Recently, G2, the world’s leading business software review platform, awarded Shelf with Easiest Setup across all contact center knowledge technology for the second time in a row.

A recent implementation with OPEX Corporation, a global leader in mail and warehouse automation, helps illustrate why Shelf won this prestigious award:

OPEX’s support team was burdened with an outdated, difficult to manage knowledge solution. Not the best situation when you need to access large technical guides and find answers buried within. Not only was their prior tool hard to use, but it required IT resources for ongoing maintenance and support.

We designed an implementation plan with a goal to launch within 60 days of the project start date. The plan empowered their business users to quickly take ownership of the platform, without the need for IT who could now focus on other pressing initiatives.

“It was truly and honestly the easiest implementation of anything I’ve ever had in my entire career.”

– Brian Smyth, Technical Support Manager

AAfter a 60-day setup, OPEX resolved their most critical issue–finding exact answers in digitally-stored technical manuals and guides immediately.

CEO Sedarius Tekarra Perrotta explains, “We’re incredibly proud of the fact Shelf has a 100% success rate on implementation and roll-out. Our platform and approach are both specifically designed around ease of setup, enabling us to build better relationships with customers. The benefits of Knowledge Automation are undeniable in large part because they’re quick and easy to achieve.”

Whether switching vendors or implementing your first KM initiative, remember Shelf is a cost effective choice, especially in how little time it costs to reach your goals.

100% User Adoption in Weeks, Not Months

HelloFresh, the world’s leading food delivery service, partnered with Shelf to bring Knowledge Automation to their contact center. Up to this point, they managed contact center policies and procedures across 12 different locations. Each geographic market had its own separate store (some even had more than one), which caused massive delays in service and made it impossible to maintain.

We customized an implementation plan that enabled HelloFresh to streamline their repositories into a single source of truth, in just a few weeks. The migration was completed on time, and supported by market-specific trainings to ensure that every agent was 100% comfortable transitioning from their old solution to Shelf.

“Shelf has been a huge asset to our overall organization of content and process documents. It has improved consistency and efficiency across our teams.”

– Sarah Byrne, Training and Development Lead

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We are devoted to keeping up with our customers’ expectations and continuing to develop an award-winning knowledge automation platform. That’s why we are super excited about every review that we get, as it helps us to continuously perfect our solution.

If you are using Shelf and want to share your feedback with the world – leave your review here.

Shelf Recognized as “Easiest Setup” in Contact Center Knowledge Tech by G2: image 2

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