Shelf Wins CIOReview’s Best Knowledge Management Product of 2019

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CIOReview conducted an interview with Shelf’s Head of Innovation, Sedarius Tekara Perrotta, where he dived into Shelf’s new approach to ensuring access to critical company knowledge, deemed ‘knowledge automation.’

Built on AI, Shelf aims to solve a universal problem plaguing support team—the complexities and difficulties in finding relevant knowledge when required.

Whether it was a Fortune 500 insurance company with offices around the US or a consulting firm with offices around the world, the problem was the same: No matter how much money people spent on SharePoint or building portals, they almost always complained that they were too complex, difficult to use, and it was hard to find stuff.

Despite its potential for impact and change, knowledge management has never been considered an absolute necessity, because alongside its inability to align well with modern enterprise workflow styles, there is also little means to measure ROI of KM solutions. 

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To overcome these setbacks and create a truly effective solution, Shelf has introduced a new approach to KM—enter Knowledge Automation.

“Shelf enables other AI platforms to learn faster and provide more meaningful content, allowing companies to get a better ROI out of their AI investments”

While workplaces across the globe are becoming increasingly distributed, Shelf strives to be the facilitator in helping companies unlock the power of their knowledge through automation by:

  1. Enhancing knowledge accessibility and centralizing content delivery.
  2. Ensuring efficiency of remote workers and new employees by simplifying the KM experience.
  3. Providing transparency in how teams use knowledge via powerful analytics.
  4. Significantly reducing administrative overhead with AI-driven content maintenance.

Knowledge Automation surfaces relevant information the moment end-users need it, as opposed to having to stop what they’re doing to find it themselves. It aligns with the continually evolving ways that humans work and interact with support teams.

“The promise of KM is straight-forward; to connect questions to answers as quickly and easily as possible…The things we are going to release in the next years are going to fundamentally change how people acquire knowledge and learn,” says Sedarius.

Happy customers have already reported huge results—like reducing average time to retrieve information by 86% (from 3.5 minutes to under 30 seconds).

Nowadays, companies simply cannot afford ineffective KM processes and technologies. That’s why Shelf offers the most innovative product in the marketplace,  which embeds AI and automation in your company’s knowledge, providing more accurate, more consistent ways to store, discover, and share knowledge.

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