A Practical KM Best Practices Guide

Streamline Access, Enhance Efficiency, and Maximize Impact in Your Organization

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The white paper details actionable strategies and best practices for effective knowledge management to improve operational efficiency and reduce time wastage.

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About the Guide

This white paper, authored by Harvard’s Patrick Clapp, outlines practical steps to centralize knowledge, establish skills directories, and leverage technology for content automation. Get actionable insights into creating a more organized and efficient knowledge management system, ultimately saving time and boosting productivity. By implementing these strategies, organizations can significantly enhance content findability, reduce operational inefficiencies, and improve overall business performance.

Leveraging AI in your knowledge management system not only improves overall content findability but also accelerates key processes.

What You’ll Get:

Gain valuable insights and actionable steps to revolutionize your organization’s knowledge management practices.

  • Learn the value of keeping vital information in one easily accessible location.
  • Understand how to create a comprehensive listing of skills to optimize operational efficiency.
  • Discover how to tailor your KM system to accommodate different user search behaviors, improving content accessibility.
  • Find out how automating routine KM tasks can drastically reduce maintenance burdens and enhance accuracy.
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What our customers say

“The Shelf solution is superb! We achieved a 25% reduction in average handling time in the first three months of going live with Shelf.”

“Overall, Shelf has been fantastic and the integration into our CCaaS environment was quick and easy. Some of my favorite functionalities are Answer Assist, the ability to integrate with a chatbot, search functionality inside of documents, and the multi-language capabilities.”

“Shelf has provided us with a solution to our knowledge needs. We now have a single source of truth that our advisors can look to when helping customers. Shelf is easy to use for both advisors and administrators, and we’ve seen improvements in a number of metrics since implementation.”

“I have been using Shelf for a long time and I am extremely impressed with its knowledge management and content organization capabilities. The product greatly reduces time and improves efficiency because there is no confusion about outdated or incorrect material.”

“Shelf is even better than expected, and it’s great to be surprised like that. Usually it’s the opposite. Search Copilot reduced handle time on our email queue by 80%!”

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A Practical KM Best Practices Guide
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