Knowledge Assist App for

Automate company knowledge and deliver accurate answers everywhere customers and agents meet in Five9

Improve speed
to resolution

Ramp up new
agents faster

Deploy in days,
not months

Knowledge Assist and IVR Mapping Accelerate Resolution

Shelf’s Knowledge Assist integration in Five9 automatically suggests answers to agents for incoming chat and email by using MerlinAI to detect customer intents and recommending real-time answers. Knowledge Assist is also available as a backend knowledge management integration with Google Dialogue Flow.


Self Service Automation to Ramp Up Deflection

Power your self-service tools with knowledge automation to provide 24/7 reliable service while scaling your support, not your costs. Enable chatbots to conduct simple to complex conversations, customize your website’s self-service portal so customers can find answers themselves, and embed AI in your webforms to deflect inquiries before they’re submitted.

Modern, Award Winning Knowledge Management

Consider Shelf a worry-free investment — built to make user adoption easy and painless. Shelf won top honors from Gartner Digital Markets for Awards include overall usability across the entire Enterprise Knowledge Management industry, as well as Easiest to Use, Highest User Adoption, and Easiest Admin awards for Contact Center Knowledge Technology from G2. Shelf has a full enterprise KM feature set, including workflow process management, user groups, advanced permissions, customer taxonomies, analytics and customization and can handle all content types. Where traditional knowledge bases fail, Shelf succeeds.

MerlinAI Drives Continuous Improvement and Discovery

Shelf’s proprietary MerlinAI technology constantly improves search results, so everyone finds exactly what they need. Beyond search, MerlinAI recommends content users didn’t even know existed, and streamlines the content maintenance process to ensure accurate information is always available to your agents and customers.

Optimized pin-point search:

  • Knowledge Assist for chat, email, messenger, apps 
  • IVR Intent Mapping
  • Automated Content Maintenance
  • Advanced Content and User Analytics
  • Pinpoint Accurate Search
  • Automatic Content Suggestions and Recommendations

Knowledge Management:

  • Storage for all content types: wikis, documentation, video, audio, images
  • Decision Tree Content Guidance
  • Feedback Manager
  • Customizable Publication Workflow
  • Web Clipper to capture online content
  • Advanced User Permissions
  • Unlimited information architecture: Folders, categories, tags, favorites, ratings
  • Award-winning UI
  • Enterprise Security


  • Chatbot integration
  • Webform integration
  • FAQ and customizable portal

Ready to automate answers for your support team?