Knowledge Automation for Five9

Automate company knowledge and deliver accurate answers everywhere customers and agents meet in Five9.

Standard Responses

Reduce average handle times by serving exact answers to common questions.

Decision Trees

Simplify answers to complex questions with easy, step-by-step procedures.

Embedded Search

Search your library from the Shelf widget so you never have to switch screens.

The power of Shelf + Five9

Integrated together, Shelf and Five9 Agent Desktop Plus create an optimal support ecosystem that delivers answers on-demand where front-line staff and customers need them most, greatly improving contact center performance and customer satisfaction by optimizing everyone’s time and effort.

Scale Support Volume, Not Costs

Shelf’s Knowledge Assist integration in Five9 automatically suggests answers to agents for incoming chat and email by using MerlinAI to detect customer intent and recommending real-time answers. Knowledge Assist is also available as a backend knowledge management integration with Google Dialogue Flow.

Power Five9’s IVA with Answers

Shelf is an accredited IVA partner, acting as the brains behind Five9’s Interactive Voice Assistance to deliver answers and create frictionless voice experiences that successfully optimize live resources.

Shelf also integrates with IVR to recommend answers directly to agents upon call transfer, driving faster resolution every time.

ROI Starts on Day One

Lightning fast implementation and guaranteed user adoption make Shelf a quick win


Less time looking for answers


Shorter average handle times


Fewer support escalations

Improve Service Quality With Less Admin Effort

Company policies are constantly updating, requiring immediate changes to resources so agents are only sharing accurate information. And these changes add up, leaving room for error.

Shelf’s intelligent design is built for knowledge managers, by knowledge managers, automating the steps taken to properly add and update knowledge while eliminating excess effort.


Consistently Rated #1 for Knowledge Management

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