HelloFresh Slashes Average Handle Time by 20%

Find out how the subscription meal kit pioneer used Shelf to keep their knowledge fresh, accurate, and trusted!

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Facing explosive industry growth, subscription meal kit pioneer HelloFresh turned to Shelf to solve the complex problem of providing consistent and reliable knowledge to millions of customers worldwide. The result: a whopping 20% reduction in average handle time, agents are more efficient, knowledge managers have one source of truth, and customers are happier.

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Knowledge Leaders

are more efficient and effective

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CX Leaders

enjoy a 20% reduction in AHT

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are less frustrated and more efficient

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”  I get great feedback about Shelf on a daily basis. It has definitely helped all of our markets consolidate everything and makes the lives of the people who are creating this content a lot easier. 


– Amy Armstrong,

   International Learning and Development Lead,


How Shelf Transforms Knowledge Management for Contact Centers

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The World’s Largest Meal Kit Provider Needed a KMS to Boost Productivity and Better Serve Customers

HelloFresh has capitalized on an enormous consumer appetite for healthy, convenient meals…to the tune of nearly 8 million global subscribers. As the world’s largest meal kit provider, HelloFresh has over 14,000 employees and relies on a support team of around 7,000 agents to deliver a great customer experience.

Amy Armstrong, International Learning and Development Lead, stays laser-focused making sure customers walk away with helpful answers after every interaction:

“My goal is to improve the agent experience in the contact center so agents learn, grow, and can provide exactly what customers need.”

The Challenge

HelloFresh’s competitive advantage is their ability to tailor their service to customer preferences. With so many menu options, the complexity makes customer support a challenge.

Add to that a rapidly expanding global customer base, and their knowledge management system could no longer reliably provide great answers to millions of people.

Agents had 12 different homegrown knowledge sources, making it impossible to find answers efficiently. Their handle times suffered as a result.

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The Solution

HelloFresh knew it was time for a knowledge management system that agents could quickly adopt to boost productivity and better serve customers. They chose Shelf because it’s an easy-to-use platform that can actually serve as a single source of truth for such a complex business. Shelf removes the gap between questions and answers by helping knowledge managers understand exactly what customers are looking for.

Since Shelf seamlessly integrates with Genesys, agents now don’t have to switch tabs to manually search the knowledge base. Shelf also uses data from each customer-agent interaction to create a continuous feedback loop for content creators—essential to keep knowledge fresh.


Since Shelf is so easy for agents and admins to use, HelloFresh found it simple to implement. Despite a large amount of content, Amy was impressed at how fast Shelf was able to migrate everything. She credits Shelf’s implementation team for the smooth transition. Amy noted:

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“It took us between 6-8 weeks to get each market fully functional, which is quite a quick turnaround for us.”

The Results

Average handle time is down 20% since the Shelf rollout because HelloFresh agents have a smart, modern knowledge management solution that can proactively anticipate, respond, and adapt to real-time customer interactions. What’s more, agents are more confident and effective on day one—and it’s showing up in customer satisfaction metrics.

“Agents are communicating the right things at the right time. IVR mapping in particular has improved our CSAT scores.”

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Since HelloFresh’s IVR system is now powered by Shelf’s suggestion engine, customers don’t have to wait for agents to find answers.

Amy reports employees love how Shelf has streamlined work:

“I get great feedback about Shelf on a daily basis. It has definitely helped all of our markets consolidate everything and makes the lives of the people who are creating this content a lot easier.

And the efficiency gains continue to accrue. HelloFresh now provides guided experiences for agents thanks to Shelf decision trees, a feature helping Amy’s team:

The decision tree functionality has been fantastic for helping agents navigate an entire process based on what the customer is saying. New agents know what to do next based on information being shared by the customer.”

With Shelf now available globally, HelloFresh is able to deliver trusted answers to customers around the world. After all, the brand knows a thing or two about convenience and efficiency.

In the future, HelloFresh will be able to deliver smarter recommendations as more customers ask for help—all thanks to its new knowledge infrastructure powered by Shelf.


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