The way we manage content in the digital age is broken. Our content is scattered all over the place, siloed in different places and disconnected. Important information is buried in email inboxes, cloud storage platforms, communication tools, and the list goes on. The average organization uses over 20 different platforms to manage their content and the problem is only getting worse.

Currently the products meant to solve knowledge management issues are: SharePoint, Confluence, and Bloomfire but they are difficult to use, hard to search, and are not easy to maintain.

Shelf and Intelligent Modern Knowledge Management

Shelf is the intelligent knowledge sharing platform that helps distributed organizations quickly find their most important resources.

In building a solution, the Shelf team went beyond software and set out to understand the Science of Organization. They consulted experts in information architecture, data science, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning. What they discovered was that the next generation of knowledge management needs to harness the power of the world’s most cutting edge technologies while remaining grounded in the foundations and principles of knowledge management itself.

Intelligent Knowledge Management Platform

Easy SetupLeverage KM experts to do the heavy lifting of setup and shorten ramp-up time by at least 50%KM expert helps setup the information architecture, category conventions, and taxonomy so the platform is setup right from the start
CaptureCapture high value content wherever you are, from whatever platform you’re usingCapture content while surfing the web, inside your inbox, on your cloud storage platforms
DiscoverLeverage AI and machine learning to make content automatically discoverable later onLeverage a recommendations engine and content suggestions to help users find content they didn’t even know existed
Pinpoint SearchSearch inside of documents, images, videos, audio files, and web content with pinpoint accuracyConduct a search and find the phrase “Future of KM” on page 83 of a PDF, on minute 42:02 of a video, or inside the text of an infographic
Analytics & Easy Maintenance Content Analytics and AI enhanced suggestions make maintaining a modern knowledge base easierLeverage analytics to understand what content is: not being used, going out of date, or is the most popular. Continually optimize your knowledge base so only high value, accurate information exists
Easy AccessCentralize key content from across the cloud and the web in one place that is easy to access and sharePublic sharing of groups, inviting new users, public sharing of content

Why Shelf

Shelf is designed to help teams manage and organize their most important content. Everything about Shelf, from our search to our content capture, reflects the passion and drive of our team to build a better way to harness knowledge and make things easy to find and share. People use Shelf to find the information they need without the pain of redoing work or wasting time tracking things down.

It is Shelf’s mission to help millions of distributed organizations accelerate their ability to learn, share, and succeed. We are reimagining the library for the workplace of tomorrow, so key knowledge can be accessed quickly and effortlessly wherever it may be. Shelf is the missing link in a rapidly evolving, distributed workplace.

Request a demo today and find out what Shelf can do for you.

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