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Driving Contact Center Efficiency with Knowledge Management

Average hold time increased 71% during the pandemic, skyrocketing expenses and plummeting CSAT. And we know why. Most critical contact center KPIs all depend on one thing—the agent’s ability to quickly provide the right answer at the right time.

As companies grow and customers become increasingly smarter, the knowledge needed at the speed they expect gets more challenging, putting added pressure on agents when there’s already no time to waste.

Join leading Knowledge Management experts Kristin McNally and Jeff Stroum and learn the critical components of a knowledge management solution that will drive adoption and tangible ROI for contact centers.

Key Topics:

  • Setting up a healthy and scalable knowledge structure
  • Expanding content access to ensure adoption and improve performance
  • Hard and soft ROI metrics that gauge success

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The Speakers


Kristin McNally

Principal Consultant
Enterprise Knowledge


Jeff Stroum

Director Strategic Consulting



Anna Tsymbalist

Host and Channel Manager