Overview: Shelf gives you three options on how content gets displayed on your wall:  Card view, Snippet view, and List view. This short tutorial explains the differences between them.


1) Card view - this is the Shelf default setting because it pairs an image with each piece of content. Did you know that when people hear information they is only a 10% chance they will remember it three days later. But if you pair that information with an image, there is actually a 65% chance they’ll remember it. How crazy is that?! And for that reason we let our users attach images to content.

2) Snippet view - this is the Shelf default setting for search results because it provides an easy way to view the title, the description, the creator of the Gem, the create Date, and a thumbnail image. 

3) List view - while the list view might not be the most visually appealing view, it is a great option for when you want to see a large list of content entries. 

As a Shelf user you are free to change your Gem view at any time, on any screen. This way you’re not married to any single way of visualizing your content so you can find it however you like.