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Key Takeaways from Customer Complaints on Twitter

Customers hate waiting on hold, end of story. We all know that, it is the #1 complaint of all customers since the beginning of call centers’ existence. However, when a customer calls in with an issue that requires a little more expert knowledge, he is often put on hold for an unacceptable amount of time listening to the annoying 25-years old polyphony. Of course, an agent can’t know the full scope of possible inquiries by heart, but try explaining that to a customer who spent the last hour stuck in the cobweb of a call center. Underlying causes of poor customer service Books, guides, articles keep on covering the same, almost traumatic, pitfalls of dealing with a [...]

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How AI Empowers Your Chatbots

Chatbots are quickly becoming an essential part of delivering customer service. According to a study by IT experts Spiceworks, up to 40% of businesses with 500 or more employees will have active chatbot or AI assistants by the end of 2019. These businesses have discovered the incredible benefits of using AI-related technology in their daily tasks. The right system improves customer interactions without investing in expensive overhead like manpower and training. […]

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