Automated self-service that really works

Your customers want to find right answers quickly. Shelf makes sure that happens.

Automated self-service that really works

Your customers want to find the right answers quickly. Shelf makes sure that happens.

Provide reliable, 24/7 customer service
Supercharge your chatbots to handle customers around the clock with accurate answers powered by your knowledge.

Scale support volume, not your costs
Shelf helps deflect low-effort inquiries so your support team can keep up with your growing customer base.

Speed up access to answers
With MerlinAI customers will be suggested answers directly from your FAQs.

Power your webforms with instant answers

With Shelf, your webforms can be built with AI that instantly surfaces best-fit content based on field inputs and before your customer hits submit.


  • MerlinAI scours your entire knowledge base and suggests answers based on the context of customer questions.
  • Recommended articles will instantly appear on screen, creating a new layer of deflection and an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction
  • Shelf can improve deflection by up to 25%. Common questions are a cinch to resolve, enabling your team to focus on the harder ones.

Supercharge your chatbots with MerlinAI

Shelf helps chatbots perform better and deflect more. MerlinAI extends the scope and complexity of what chatbots can handle by suggesting articles from your self help pages.


  • Recommend relevant articles instead of escalating to an agent.
  • Shelf seamlessly integrates into the chatbot vendor of choice.
  • Powerful analytics keep chatbots healthy by informing when content is working, and when it might need a refresh.

Pinpoint search results for every language you support

Help customers anywhere in any language with a google like FAQ search experience. MerlinAI features natural language search, so when customers head to your FAQs and begin searching in their native language, the most relevant content surfaces every time. Shelf supports over 100 languages.

Smart recommendations
Machine learning will predict over time which content is most helpful and popular, and recommend knowledge your customers may not have known existed.

Optimized articles for SEO
Over 90% of customers click on the first page of Google results. Shelf optimizes your content so it appears front and center on search engines.

Branding and customization
Your brand is important to your customers. Customize your Self-Service portal to align with your corporate identity, so customers feel right at home.