Help Customers
Help Themselves

Create awesome customer experiences everywhere customers ask questions. Improve chat bot accuracy, suggest answers in forms, optimize search with AI, and offer a fully branded self-service portal.


Provide reliable, 24/7 customer service

Increase the IQ of your chatbots, so they provide better answers to customer questions around the clock.

Scale customer support, not costs

Deflect common questions, so your support team can keep up with your growing customer base.


Answer questions quickly and efficiently

Serve helpful answers sourced directly from your FAQs by Shelf MerlinAI.

Modernize Self-Service Portals with Pinpoint Accurate Search

Help customers find exact answers with an AI-enabled search experience that helps them navigate your FAQs with ease.

Smart Recommendations

Suggest helpful information your customers don’t know about.


Search Engine Optimization

Optimize content so it appears front and center on search engines.


Branding and Customization

Align your portals with your corporate identity


Multilingual Portals

Natural language search lets customers search in their native language. Shelf supports over 100 languages.

Increase Chatbot IQ with Shelf MerlinAI

Chatbots perform better and deflect more with Shelf. MerlinAI expands the scope and complexity of questions chatbots can handle by suggesting articles from your self-help content.

Provide Instant Answers Inside Web Forms

Shelf MerlinAI instantly suggests best-fit content based on form inputs before your customers click submit.


MerlinAI scours your entire knowledge base to suggest answers based on the context of customer questions.


Recommended articles instantly appear on screen, creating a new layer of deflection and a new opportunity to improve customer satisfaction


Improves deflection by up to 25%. Shelf automatically resolves common questions, so your team can focus on the most difficult support inquiries.

Power Your Contact Center with Shelf

Contact Center Solutions

Improve customer satisfaction, while reducing average handle times

Agent Assist

Ensure every agent delivers the best possible customer experience