Declutter the content, simplify The Story

Use Shelf to tell a concise, compelling story by weeding out obsolete info and highlighting only the presentations, materials, and talking points that work best.

Find what’s needed in real time

Whether you’re on the phone or in a meeting, access the stats, use cases, and must-make points that will help you close the deal. 

Organized content = a more productive team

What’s the bottom line impact of asking the entire sales team to constantly go from one application to another to access content? Use Shelf and reduce the time everyone’s wasting tracking things down.

Share tactics around specific content

In sales we all want to know what’s working and what isn’t. Use Shelf to identify the most popular and relevant content  through our content analytics dashboard.

Tie it all together with our integrations

The content and insights that help close deals reside in various places - details on a recent win via email, the newest product presentation in Drive, a new customer testimonial produced by Marketing on YouTube. Bring it all together with Shelf.

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